Is your tomato puree terrible? The fault lies with these mistakes!

passata di pomodoro errori

There are mistakes with when preparing tomato puree you should never make. Find out which are the most serious and how to avoid them.

Tomato puree is one of the most loved and used condiments, especially by those who love pasta. Obviously, being able to make it at home is a plus as it allows you to obtain a healthier and more genuine product. Often, however, the results are so terrible that they push to buy the ready-made one.

tomato sauce errors

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The truth is that although it is a relatively simple preparation, tomato puree hides several pitfalls. Among these is that of arriving at a product that is too acidic or that makes lumps. Lucky for you, you just need to know some of the mistakes that almost everyone makes to put aside forever the terrible past and arrive at a result so good as to make everyone envy.

The mistakes you should never make with tomato puree

If you too are among the unfortunate ones who, despite loving it, are unable to obtain a good tomato sauce, you will be pleased to know that we have the solution for you. Behind every unpleasant pass there are in fact some errors that are often trivial and which, consequently, are really simple to avoid. It all lies in knowing how to recognize them and discovering how to move to transform them in the right steps.

tomato sauce errors

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After having seen what are the most common mistakes made with sautéed, here is everything you will never have to do again while preparing your tomato sauce.

Use the first tomatoes you find

Tomatoes are fruits (yes, didn’t you know?), Really tasty. But everyone has the right role and when it comes to past, the best are undoubtedly those of San Marzano. Obviously you are not forced to use only this type. What matters is not to hope to get a good result using, for example, salad tomatoes.
For a good puree you need tomatoes that are first of all suitable to be “passed” and then treated in a certain way, that are not too acidic and that have the right consistency.

Coarsely wash the tomatoes

Another common mistake is to neglect the cleaning of tomatoes. These must be washed (and dried) thoroughly and with the utmost care. All the more so if it is your intention to produce more past to preserve it. Cleaning in this case is of paramount importance. Leaving residues of earth would make your fatigue useless and the final result unpleasant. Why risk it, then? It only takes a few minutes to spend at the beginning to get a quality product.

Acting hastily is one of the most common mistakes made with tomato sauce

The preparation of tomato puree is a real ritual and as such requires the right times. Acting in a hurry is the biggest mistake you can make and the one that will inevitably lead to unpleasant results. Before you take action, then, it is important that you are sure you have time available and willing to do. In fact, tomatoes and vegetables must be passed little by little and slowly and steadily. Never act in a hurry because the result will be that of a grainy pass and not as smooth and velvety as the one you would buy out.

Proceed to cooking without proper care

Obviously, cooking tomatoes is one of the most important phases for a good puree. This means acting calmly, with a medium-high flame but that is not too aggressive and with cooking as slow as needed. By acting in this way you will be able to obtain a scent and a flavor that otherwise would never be possible. One more reason to dedicate all the time you need to this phase.

Do not drain the tomatoes

Once cooked, it is very important not to neglect any step. Generally, in this precise phase, one of the most common mistakes is in fact that of not draining the tomatoes well. The risk? That of a watery past that will tend to separate. Better, therefore, to concentrate well on this particular point. Only in this way can you count on a good product as you have always dreamed of.

Now that you know the most common mistakes and that you have probably made a lot too, you have no more excuses. In fact, you just need to avoid them carefully to go towards a tomato puree to be enjoyed and perfect to embellish both your first courses and all those you want to make tastier thanks to this side dish that can make a difference in the kitchen.

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