Isabel Allende, writer: biography and curiosities

Isabel Allende: discovering the life and career of this well-known writer originally from Chile, who has enjoyed enormous success thanks to her novels

Isabel Allende was born on August 2, 1942 in Lima and has lived in California since 1989. Originally from Chile, she obtained American citizenship in the year 2003. She is one of the most famous authors for those who have a passion for books, thanks to his works such as the city of beasts or the house of spirits. Her books are mainly based on the experiences lived and on the various aspects of other women's lives. She has been a guest on numerous world tours to promote her novels and has also been a literature teacher in some colleges in the United States.

Shortly after his birth, his parents divorced and his father left his entire family, consisting of his mother and three children. So Isabel's mother decided to return to Chile to move to her grandfather's house. In this rather difficult situation, it was a cousin of his father who provided financial help to the family, so that Isabel and her brothers had the opportunity to devote themselves to studying. In the book La Casa Degli Spiriti, the writer reserves many references to family history to lovers of reading.

It is precisely this novel that opens the way to success for Isabel Allende, who begins to gain notoriety. Two children were born from the union with Michael Frías in 1962, namely Paula and Nicolás. At this time in her life, the writer begins to devote herself to journalism, a profession that has always fascinated her. In 1988 the divorce took place between Frias and Isabel, who later married William Gordon. Here the couple decides to move to California, the current location of the well-known writer. Her daughter later fell ill and went into a coma due to a very rare disease, namely porphyria.

It is precisely in this difficult period of her life that the writer, while staying at the side of her beloved daughter, vents all her thoughts and memories in writing, giving life to an exciting autobiography. After the death of her daughter in 1992, Isabel Allende publishes the book Paula. Currently, the writer is responsible for writing children's books, such as The City of Beasts and The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon. In addition, in February 2006 Allende participated in the opening ceremony of the XX Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games and carried the Olympic flag in the company of other women.

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