Island of the famous 2021, the report cards of 25 March

Daniela Martani

Episode full of emotions that of March 25 of "The Island of the Famous": Zorzi stings Akash, a clash between the Martani and Rocca

Isola 2021, life as a castaway between challenges, bikinis and tests

First quarrels, high tension and exciting moments: the 25 March episode of the Island of the Famous 2021 was full of twists. With the injury of Paul Gascoigne, the elimination of Brando Giorgi (who remained on Parasite Island) and the clash between Gilles Rocca and Daniela Martani.

Let's find out our report cards and the highlights of the episode of March 25th.

TOMMASO ZORZI – Perfect in the role of columnist, after the first few episodes in which, probably, he had to become familiar with the study and the program, Tommaso fell perfectly in his part. After the elimination and the decision to leave Honduras permanently (angering Ilary Blasi) Akash was not present in the studio. However, it was talked about him thanks to Zorzi who in a comment during his Punto Z space said: “Z as zebedees, those who broke Akash both in Honduras and after”. A joke that the model immediately replied to. In recent days, Kumar had published private chats with Tommaso, attacking him on Instagram, then had second thoughts, deleting everything. Now it seems the two are still far from clearing up. “Last night we were massaging and now are you still attacking me? Mamma mia trash! ”He wrote. The long-distance battle certainly continues in the next episodes Tommaso will give us other pungent and funny moments as only he can do. VOTE: 8.

DANIELA MARTANI – His participation in the Island of the Famous 2021 caused a lot of discussion, not only among viewers, but also the castaways. In the episode of March 25, Daniela complained of having been isolated from the other competitors and hurled herself against Gilles, accusing him of being "violent". Very serious accusations made lightly that prompted the competitor to announce that he would leave the reality show. "I did not like the way I talked to him, because he has aggressive ways and I immediately got into the family – he said -, so it hurts me to relive these things, everything here I was disappointed". Rocca's reaction was immediate: "You said something of alarming gravity, you said you suffered these things in the family, I'm not there, I can't be associated with a violent person". Later Daniela tried to justify herself, certainly Martani is a controversial and difficult to understand character. For now, however, attacking others does not seem to work. VOTE: 4.

ANDREA CERIOLI – The arrival on the Island of the Famous will certainly cause havoc, as announced by Ilary Blasi who presented the competitor as a leader as well as underlining his attractiveness. A detail immediately noticed by Vera Gemma who, with the usual irony and desire to play down, joked with the presenter. After several reality shows, in Honduras, Andrea plays everything. "In the face of arrogance, I have always reacted in the best way, the arrogant ones are on my ass – he clarified -. I don't want to say I'm a leader because it's bad to say, but I think I am ”. VOTE: 6 for trust. We'll see.

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