Island of the famous 2021, the report cards of 29 March

Andrea Cerioli

On "L'Isola dei Famosi", Andrea Cerioli threatens to leave and Elisa Isoardi hides a secret

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

The episode of the Island of the Famous on March 29 reserved, once again, emotions and twists. Increasingly in control of the situation, Ilary Blasi knows how to dose irony and suspense, giving the right rhythm to the program. Tommaso Zorzi has also been promoted, who has now fallen into the role of the columnist. While in Honduras, after relatively quiet weeks, the first clashes between the castaways are starting.

ANDREA CERIOLI – He had landed on the island calling himself a "leader" and announced as the "alpha male", but since the early hours in Honduras, Andrea Cerioli has been impatient and sad, unable to enter the dynamics of the game. In front of his girlfriend Arianna, Andrea was moved again, speaking of the desire to have a child, but the former U&D suitor wanted to emphasize another aspect, pushing his partner to live the adventure with a different spirit. “Love but come on. I'm fine, we're all fine, but please get up. Have fun, enjoy it, take the beauty and leave everything else ". Displaced, Cerioli shortly afterwards vented to Blasi, threatening to leave the Island of the Famous. “We have seen that you are a very sensitive guy but apart from sensitivity you will also have a personality. Let's try to get it out ”, said the presenter and Cerioli replied:“ I think I did the idiot 24 hours a day, that's just how I am. If there are only two clips of me in which I cry, it means that it was not the reality show made for me ”. It is not by threatening to let Andrea show the audience that he is different, perhaps what is lacking, for now, is a little grit. VOTE: 4.

ELISA ISOARDI – Mystery on the relationship between Elisa Isoardi and Fariba Teherani. In fact, Giulia Salemi's mother reunited with the other castaways to the great surprise of the host who widened her eyes when she saw her. Elisa appeared very evasive and did not want to explain to Ilary the reason for her reaction. “He seemed to already know one of Fariba and Ubaldo”, commented Tommaso Zorzi, but she replied “No and I don't even have hindsight and you can't ask that question, ok?”. Lapidary Fariba who replied: “I saw her at the test of the cook”. Certainly in the next few days we will find out if there are old rusts between the two competitors. Certainly Isoardi confirms herself as a leader and a charismatic woman. VOTE: 7.

DANIELA MARTANI – As expected, the vegan choice of the former gieffina begins to create the first discontent. In fact, Daniela does not eat fish and snails, which is why she would like a larger portion of rice. "It's not that I don't eat fish and snails on a whim – he said -. I made a food choice that is difficult ”. Valentina Persia, spokesperson for the group, however, was adamant: “Whether you eat it or not, the rice must be divided equally”, he clarified. “I feel discriminated against because I would never have done such a speech”, concludes Daniela. Controversy, quarrels and accusations, these dynamics are part of the reality show, but we would have preferred to find out more about Daniela, the woman behind the character. VOTE: 5.

VALENTINA PERSIA – The comic remains the great discovery of this Island of the Famous. Frank, sensitive and with an important story to tell. His imitations are amazing, from Vera Gemma to Akash Kumar, he amused the public and the castaways, giving smiles and lightheartedness. VOTE: 8

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