Island of the famous 2021, the report cards of 29 March

Valentina Persia

On "L'Isola dei Famosi" a new episode is staged on March 29, amidst quarrels, new leaders and clarifications

Isola 2021, life as a castaway between challenges, bikinis and tests

The adventure of the Island of the Famous 2021 continues and the episode of March 29 did not disappoint expectations. Many unmissable moments, clashes and clarifications, with the elimination of Vera Gemma (who remained on Parasite Island) and the quarrel between Awed and Gilles Rocca.

Let's find out our report cards and the cult moments of the episode.

AWED – Together with Gilles Rocca he was the protagonist of a rather heated discussion in Palapa, after a fight on the Island of the Famous 2021. His is clearly a strategy that aims to provoke the opponent, touching his exposed nerves. This is also demonstrated by the accusations against Francesca Lodo, ​​defined as the “valley” of Rocca by the competitor. But just when we are convinced that we understand what Awed is going to do, here he is moved during the nomination. Perhaps Awed's adventure in Honduras has not already ended here. VOTE: 5.

MASSIMILIANO ROSOLINO – It's hard to match Ilary Blasi's sprint, his frankness and his pace in running, but Massimiliano Rosolino doesn't even seem willing to try. The correspondent should keep an eye on the situation in Honduras and also provide the host with ideas to start the dynamics of the game. But Rosolino lacks sprint and Ilary also notices it when the correspondent replies: "The climate here is a bit mitigated, but we are loaded". And she replies resolutely: "So you didn't understand anything, Massi!". There is no verve and the understanding with the presenter is poor. VOTE: 4.

VALENTINA PERSIA – Smiling in front of her imitation of Vera Gemma is almost impossible. The comedian, with the weapon of irony, not only highlighted the rival's weaknesses, but also made the whole study of the Island of the Famous 2021 entertain. is a candidate to conquer more and more reality. "I make a small imitation of when the real Gem was voted and arrived on the Island. The real person came out – he explained, answering Ilary Blasi's questions -. Don't worry because I'm not angry with anyone, much less with women. I love everyone, in the end we will all be nominated. Then as soon as we have freed the Palapa, do you know the exorcist ?! ". VOTE: 8.

ANDREA CERIOLI – He presented himself as the "alpha male" and the right competitor to become the "new leader", but once on the Island of the Famous 2021 things went differently. A few hours after landing in Honduras, Cerioli had several moments of despair and in episode Ilary Blasi teased him several times. "Drusilla called another alpha male", Massimiliano Rosolino told Andrea Cerioli during the live broadcast and Blasi replied: "Seh ciao!". VOTE: 4.

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