Island of the Famous, luckily there is Ilary Blasi (all crazy for her)

Isola dei Famosi, per fortuna che c’è Ilary Blasi (tutti pazzi per lei)

Isola dei Famosi 2021, departure with a bang thanks to Ilary Blasi: beautiful, self-mocking self-confident, saves the evening with her gaffes

Departure with a bang and among a thousand hitches (tampons, vaccines, infected, withdrawn) for the Island of the Famous 2021, which in a complicated historical moment for everyone proposes, from the same words of the new presenter Ilary Blasi, an "escape parenthesis for all". And Ilary is the right choice and winning: indisputably beautiful (never gets old?), But above all self-confident, smiling, ironic and self-deprecating, confirms her ability not to take and take herself too seriously. And precisely for this reason, it manages to represent the added value of the program, saving the evening and listening.

In the midst of "excited" nobles ("for heaven's sake, I call her viscount, let's keep our distance for now"), extremist vegans ("Since when have you not touched a fish?"), Models with the phobia of water ("You understand that you came to the island, which is surrounded by the sea? ”), Ilari manages to place jokes and double meanings to go go, giving laughter and playing down tensions and heaviness on the horizon.

The pearl, then, already widely taken up by social networks, is reached when, due to the speed of television times, Blasi slips on the palapa: "Now I will let you get the potato inside". On the other hand, she had confessed it herself a few minutes earlier, when in an attempt to get her to explain in English to Paul Gascoigne what her suitcase contained, she had "grumbled" laughing: "I love you but if I miss Italian I speak …". Ilary, if it were not there it would have to be invented!

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