Isola 2021, alleged flirtation between Drusilla Gucci and Damiano dei Maneskin: the indiscretion

Isola 2021, alleged flirtation between Drusilla Gucci and Damiano dei Maneskin: the indiscretion

There are rumors that there is something tender between Drusilla Gucci, shipwrecked on the Island of the famous 2021, and Damiano of Maneskin

The crazy looks of Damiano (and the Maneskin) in Sanremo. Told by those who dressed it

She is one of the undisputed protagonists of the Island of the Famous 2021, he was the rock face of the last edition of the Sanremo Festival. And apparently they fell in love. Drusilla Gucci and Damiano David, Maneskin frontman, would have an ongoing flirtation, according to some rumors.

The news is launched by Novella 2000, which reveals how the two young protagonists of the Italian showbiz have just started dating. Of course, their possible relationship would already be on standby for a few weeks, given that Drusilla is currently engaged in Honduras. But it is possible that before her departure there was love at first sight between her and Damiano, an indiscretion that has already alerted all their fans.

Drusilla Gucci, born in 1994, is the great-granddaughter of the founder of the famous fashion house whose name she proudly bears. Until recently she was not particularly known to the public, preferring the privacy and intimacy of her family rather than the cold spotlight. But with her participation in the Island of the Famous 2021 she slowly became known, and many have begun to appreciate her shyness and willpower. His experience in Cayo Cochinos is proving to be particularly difficult, so much so that in the last episode Drusilla admitted that he had hoped for his nomination to return home.

Damiano David, born in 1999, is the Maneskin frontman. The band, who left X Factor in 2017 without winning the victory, participated in the last edition of Sanremo, snatching a well-deserved first place with the song Zitti e buona. Right now, Damiano and his companions are preparing to bring their song to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, a springboard for their future career also at an international level.

In short, Drusilla and Damiano are two young people with a bright future. But what do they have in common? Apparently, a certain passion for the dark. He is one of the faces of modern rock, while Gucci revealed precisely on the island that they have a very particular collection: at home they keep some animal bones, including a cat's skull. Furthermore, he admitted having had "ghostly" experiences having witnessed paranormal events in his home in Florence.

Could love have broken out between the two? At the moment, no confirmation. What seems certain is that both have a free heart: Drusilla had a long relationship that has recently come to an end, while Damiano has been engaged for a few years to Lucrezia Petracca, but today he seems to be single.

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