Isola 2021, Angela Melillo at risk of elimination: she has broken the regulation

Isola 2021, Angela Melillo at risk of elimination: she has broken the regulation

In the last episode of the Island of the Famous 2021, Angela Melillo committed an infringement that could cost her disqualification

Isola 2021, life as a castaway between challenges, bikinis and tests

Having landed in Honduras for a new adventure, Angela Melillo brought a little harmony to the Island of the Famous 2021: her presence made the atmosphere slightly more serene, because with her selfless soul she managed to smooth out the differences between the castaways. But perhaps her generosity could have gotten her into trouble.

It all happened during the last episode of the reality show, right under the eyes of Ilary Blasi and his special correspondent Massimiliano Rosolino. At first, in fact, no one noticed Angela Melillo's gesture, which however did not go unnoticed by a more attentive audience. To understand what happened, it is better to recap the story from the beginning: as with every appointment, on Monday 5 April the castaways split into two teams to face the reward test and thus win something to eat.

On that occasion, the team led by new entry Isolde Kostner – including, precisely, Melillo herself – prevailed. The winners got a delicious portion of lasagna, which, however, one of the castaways preferred not to take advantage. Ubaldo Lanzo, despite belonging to the winning team, has in fact decided to give up the meal because he is allergic to various foods that were probably contained in the sautéed with which the lasagna was prepared. His portion remained unattended for all to see, especially the defeated competitors, who could only watch their teammates eat.

It is on this occasion that Angela Melillo seems to have committed an infringement, which was filmed on cameras despite Rosolino being momentarily distracted. The Roman showgirl took the leftover piece of lasagna and hid it behind her back, passing it to Elisa Isoardi – who, belonging to the losing team, had no right to food. The change of hands is not evident, but the gesture does not seem to leave room for many interpretations.

This would be a rather serious mistake, which could lead to the immediate disqualification of Melillo. And it would be a real shame, because the showgirl turned out to be a real surprise, at the Island of the Famous 2021: she immediately entered the dynamics of the game, and at the various endurance tests she showed an incredible determination, so much so that she won the leader necklace. Will we see her leave the reality show prematurely? To find out the production decision, we will have to wait a bit: the episode of Thursday 8 April has in fact been canceled, so the appointment is for next Monday 12 April.

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