Isola 2021, Ilary Rosolino wand: because the correspondent is not convincing

Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi baton live Massimiliano Rosolino: why the correspondent of "L'Isola dei Famosi" does not convince

Ilary Blasi wand Massimiliano Rosolino to the Island of the Famous 2021 and the correspondent convinces less and less. The sportsman and companion of Natalia Titova in fact seems in difficulty in the role that has been assigned to him and struggles to grasp (and feed) some game dynamics.

While Ilary maintains a fast pace, grasping the tensions between the castaways and sparking debates (as it should be in a reality show), Rosolino apparently has not yet grasped the potential and duties of the envoy of the Island of the Famous 2021. in fact he should "take the place" of the presenter in Honduras, but he struggles to keep up with her and to grasp some signals that Blasi sends him.

This is demonstrated by the joke made by Lady Totti during the last episode of the Island of the Famous 2021. In connection with Honduras, Ilary asked Rosolino how the situation was, after the tensions of recent days and the quarrel between Awed and Gilles Rocca. The correspondent, however, limited himself to replying: "The climate here is a bit mitigated, but we are loaded". A reply that was not liked by the presenter who, with her usual sincerity, decided to beat him up: “So you didn't understand anything, Massi!”, She blurted out.

Certainly Rosolino has to stand up to the comparison with correspondents who have entered the hearts of viewers and have demonstrated the ability to follow the emotions of the castaways and grasp possible connections for discussions and clarifications. Just think of Alvin, historical face of the Island of the Famous, ready to beat the competitors and provide the right assist to the presenter. But also to Stefano De Martino, who faced the test with good results.

From the first episode, in which he appeared visibly uncomfortable, perhaps due to emotion, Rosolino has not made progress. On the other hand, the one who has fallen perfectly into the role assigned to him is undoubtedly Tommaso Zorzi. Pungent and irreverent, the columnist, one episode after another, has learned to grasp the nuances and behaviors of the castaways, becoming an excellent sidekick for Ilary Blasi. It is no coincidence that the presenter often asks the opinion of the influencer who, together with Iva Zanicchi, seems to have found a good harmony. Less decisive is Elettra Lamborghini who, perhaps due to the absence in the first episodes, struggles more to get into the dynamics of the transmission.

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