Isola 2021, Ilary the only certainty: what didn't work and what did

Ilary Blasi

Ilary's incredible looks and her irony saved this edition of "L'Isola dei Famosi": tops and flops

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

The Island of the Famous 2021 ended with the victory of Awed. The Youtube star has beaten the big favorites, from Beatrice Marchetti to Ignazio Moser and Andrea Cerioli. What remains of this edition? Undoubtedly the skill of Ilary Blasi who has been able to lead the reality show with his fresh and sparkling style. A few missed opportunities due to the withdrawals and controversies that could have been avoided.

Let's find out the report cards with the tops and flops of this edition of the Island of the Famous.

ILARY BLASI – The undisputed queen of the island is undoubtedly her. With her extravagant looks, quick joke and irony, Ilary was able to conquer the public once again. He sprinted the program when it was missing, creating the dynamics from the studio that were not needed. Alone, despite the shortcomings of some of the cast members, she carried on the broadcast. Unforgettable his digs at Akash Kumar, who had declared that he did not know her, and the constant jokes to Massimiliano Rosolino, a correspondent who proved, from the first episodes, rather awkward. Up to the gaffe that characterized the initial part of the reality show. What makes Ilary special? Despite the glitter and fame she remained one of us and this is undoubtedly her strong point. VOTE: 9.

THE OPINIONISTS – If Tommaso Zorzi tried to emerge, putting himself in the shoes of the perfect columnist, Iva Zanicchi and Elettra Lamborghini didn't even make an effort. Short and useless interventions that have not added anything to the broadcast, little rhythm and sense of reality: the commentators have not marked this edition positively. The guests and former castaways did more, engaged in quarrels and debates from the studio during the connection with Honduras. We lacked Zorzi's pungent irony and caustic jokes that we loved at GF Vip and that perhaps could have made an important contribution to the program. VOTE: 6 -.

THE WRECKERS – What happened to Raz Degan? Where is Walter Nudo's strength? In this edition the castaways distinguished themselves for complaints and little desire to do. Food has often been at the center of discussions, but the desire to fish and find something to eat has actually always been very little. So much so that the production had to send a fisherman to the beach to teach the competitors something. The reality show is about survival, but there have been very few competitors who have respected this aspect. The only one who has caught the spirit of the island? Beatrice Marchetti. VOTE: 3.

WITHDRAWALS and INJURIES – Withdrawals and injuries have characterized this edition of the Island in which some of the most promising characters have disappeared from the scene. Just think of Elisa Isoardi, who had even conquered the foreign press, but who had to leave due to an eye problem. Or to Brando Giorgi, who with his character knew how to create dynamics and discussions, up to Akash Kumar and Daniela Martani, among the most discussed competitors, who in the end immediately left the game. A real shame as the initial cast looked promising. VOTE: 5.

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