Isola 2021, is there any tender between Cerioli and Isoardi? The girlfriend Arianna speaks

Isola 2021, is there any tender between Cerioli and Isoardi? The girlfriend Arianna speaks

After Miryea Stabile's words about Andrea Cerioli's crush on Elisa Isoardi, his girlfriend Arianna commented on the story

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The Island of the Famous has come to life: one month after the first episode aired, the dynamics between the competitors are becoming increasingly interesting for viewers and the numerous entrances during the work only revive relationships and ignite spirits.

The protagonist of one of the latest gossip regarding reality is one of the last castaways to land in Honduras, Andrea Cerioli. The indiscretion was launched by Miryea Stabile, who together with Vera Gemma and Elisa Isoardi formed a close-knit trio, ready to take revenge against the other competitors who had eliminated them.

Between a chat and the other, the Stabile had launched a scoop: according to her point of view, in fact, Andrea Cerioli would have taken a crush on the former presenter of La Prova del Cuoco: "In my opinion, Andrea had fallen in love with you because I saw that followed you a bit – revealed Miryea attracting the attention of Isoardi -. There is a certain feeling between you two. I'm not saying from you, but his, he had this thing here ”.

The words had surprised Isoardi, who immediately stopped the gossip of Miryea Stabile, replying with a dry comment ("Really, he could be my son") and concentrating on analyzing the behavior of the other castaways.

Although Elisa wanted to block Miryea's opinion in the bud, the news made the rounds of social media and reached the ear of Andrea Cerioli's girlfriend, Arianna Cirrincione, who could not refrain from commenting on the story. The former suitor spoke about it during the episode of Isola Party, the Mediaset Play broadcast hosted by Andrea Dianetti and Valeria Angione:

I'm not jealous of Andrea, I trust him. I like Miryea but that sentence … She said that Andrea had a certain interest in Elisa Isoardi, so I had a moment of heartbeat: it's a rumor, maybe it was her interpretation, I respect her, but well …

Cirrincione, although she was a little annoyed by the words of the Stabile, confessed to trusting her boyfriend. After all, Cerioli has never hidden the strong feeling for Arianna, also expressing the will to become a father. “Becoming a dad is my biggest dream – he confided -. I am 31 years old, she is 26 and I told her openly: when she is ready, I welcome her with open arms ".

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