Isola 2021, new entries: Ludovico Vacchelli skips. Who arrives in his place

Isola 2021, new entries: Ludovico Vacchelli skips. Who arrives in his place

Great news for the castaways of the "Isola dei Famosi", with new entries in the cast but the participation of the model Ludovico Vacchelli is missing.

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A few weeks after the start of the Island of the Famous, the reality show does not stop giving new twists to viewers: in fact, the arrival of five new castaways is expected in the next episodes, which will enrich the already large group of characters present in Honduras.

The reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi has seen in recent weeks the abandonment of some of the protagonists of this edition, such as Brando Giorgi and Elisa Isoardi, both of whom have returned to Italy with an eye injury. The actor had to undergo surgery for a detachment of the retina, although in recent days via Instagram he reassured fans about his health conditions. Even the former host of La Prova del Cuoco, after a month on the island, had to leave due to an eye problem, and on social networks she thanked the followers for the support and affection shown her during this experience as well.

Thus, after the forced exit of Brando and Elisa from the game, new entrants to the cast will revive the dynamics among the castaways. The participation of the model Ludovico Vacchelli is missing, as announced by TvBlog, who will be replaced by the influencer Matteo Diamante.

For him this is not the first experience on the small screen. The 32-year-old Genoese has already taken part in various television programs: from Men and women, to Take me out, passing through Ex on the beach 2020 and La Pupa and the Nerdy 2021, in Honduras he will find Mireya, with whom he shared the experience in the same edition of the broadcast.

Together with Matteo Diamante, Manuela Ferrara, Rosaria Cannavò and Emanuela Tittocchia will also land on the island: their entry into the reality show is scheduled for Thursday 22 April. But the news does not end there: another competitor is coming, fresh from the penultimate edition of Big Brother Vip: it is Ignazio Moser, who will arrive in Honduras with the traditional dive into the sea from the helicopter in the episode of Monday 26 April in premiere evening on Canale 5.

The arrival of the new castaways will bring new balance between the competitors already in the race: between secret beaches, hardship, deprivation and hunger pangs that cause many nervousness, it will be interesting to find out how the new participants will be welcomed. What surprises await us in the coming weeks?

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