Isola, Beatrice Marchetti disappointed: "I thought I was winning"

Isola, Beatrice Marchetti disappointed: "I thought I was winning"

Beatrice Marchetti confesses her disappointment for the lack of victory at "L'Isola dei Famosi".

Isola 2021, Beatrice Marchetti is a Venus in a costume of leaves

Beatrice Marchetti vents and tells her disappointment for not having won the Island of the Famous. The model, who had spent weeks in complete solitude, hoped to triumph in the final episode, but things turned out differently. In fact, the winner was Awed, much to the disappointment of the supermodel who did not hide her thoughts in a long interview with SuperGuidaTv.

“I decided to get involved to make people understand who I really am – he confessed -. I wanted to make myself known to the public. This experience has given me great strength and determination. I discovered what my limits are and I was able to overcome them ”. The weeks spent alone in Playa Imboscatissima showed a different Beatrice Marchetti. A strong girl, determined and ready to get involved, fully living the experience of the Island of the Famous.

“It was also a ransom for those people who believe that models can only live on their image – he confided -. Before leaving I had many preconceptions. I didn't know if I would be able to fish and survive ”. A great test for Beatrice who was very much appreciated by the public, so much so that she reached the final. In the last episode of the Island, however, the winner was Awed: "I thought I was going to win and I was disappointed not to have won the podium – she said -. I was one of the few people who went through a transformation. And for me, as a model, it was difficult to live as a castaway ”.

While the other castaways experienced a group experience, Beatrice Marchetti was alone for weeks with only the company of a diary and her thoughts. The model got her own food, never complaining, and lived in full contact with Nature. “The solo route rewarded me because it allowed me to bring out my facets – he explained -. Compared to the others who had assigned tasks, I have built my own Island. I think my gritty spirit has come out. Being alone helped me bring out the best side of me. In life I have always feared loneliness and this experience has also forged me in this respect ".

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