Isola, behind-the-scenes clash between Jeda and a columnist

Isola, behind-the-scenes clash between Jeda and a columnist

Behind the scenes of L'Isola dei Famosi there would have been a clash between Jeda, Vera Gemma's boyfriend, and a columnist

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Backstage clash on the Island of the Famous between Jeda, Vera Gemma's boyfriend, and a well-known columnist. It was revealed by the rap music manager who wrote a long post on Instagram. "These forties with midlife crises make me laugh! – Jeda explained, speaking of the Island -. I am taking off and you remain in your post as a frustrated commentator ”.

The young man hinted that there was a clash behind the scenes of the program conducted by Ilary Blasi. “I have never disrespected anyone because I am the first to respect everyone! – he added – I better shut up because if I go to tell what you have come to tell me several times, I make you fall off the faux-feel-good mask of this c *** o. We know that you don't sleep at night because you have nightmares about who you are. I, on the other hand, sleep like a baby. And anyway you are not a man, you are a boy! Because men don't go and take women for the cu **. This shows your low self-esteem as a male. With that enough, I will never give you importance again because you are worth as much as a sock with holes to me! And the socks with holes are thrown away ”.

Jeda's post, linked for some time to Vera Gemma, caused a lot of discussion. Shortly after, the manager, who has always been in the studio on the Isola dei Famosi to support his partner, explained what had happened. “I was talking about Roger Garth – he explained to FanPage – and I was also referring to a series of events that happened behind the scenes, but not only. From Barbara D’Urso, for example, he had said that Vera rather than seeming to him the Lion King, she seemed to him the Joker. He cannot disrespect a woman in this way, denigrating her for her physical appearance. This is not commenting on his actions on the island, and Vera has done nothing to deserve such wickedness. Then the other, Giacomo Urtis, who compared her to the cat woman. She also posted a photo to tease her. These are very serious things for which no one has defended Vera, apart from her sister Giuliana – he added -. And then there are a series of backstory that happened behind the scenes, when Garth came to me out of the wave to tell me offensive things about the relationship between me and Vera ”.

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