Isola: “Cerioli in love with Elisa Isoardi”, Miryea's confession

Isola: “Cerioli in love with Elisa Isoardi”, Miryea's confession

According to Miryea Stabile at "L'Isola dei Famosi", Andrea Cerioli would have fallen in love with Elisa Isoardi

Island of the Famous 2021, Elisa Isoardi in bikini makes Federica Panicucci tremble

“Andrea Cerioli in love with Elisa Isoardi”. Miryea Stabile unveiled it on the Island of the Famous 2021. In the last episode of the show hosted by Ilary Blasi, the former host of the Prova del Cuoco lost the televoting fight against the former tronista. Elisa then agreed to stay on Playa Esperanza together with Miryea and Vera Gemma.

The three castaways therefore often found themselves analyzing the behavior of the other competitors and the former star of La Pupa and the Geek revealed a detail to Isoardi about Andrea Cerioli. "In my opinion Andrea was in love with you because I saw that he was following you a bit – he told Elisa -. There is a certain feeling between you two. I'm not saying from you, but his, he had this thing here ”. The former tronista, as is known, has long been linked to Arianna Cirrincione, known in the Maria De Filippi program.

A special bond, told on Instagram, about which the model has spoken several times on the Island of the Famous 2021, also expressing the desire to become a father. “Becoming a dad is my biggest dream – he confided -. I am 31 years old, she is 26 and I told her openly: when she is ready, I welcome her with open arms. I would prefer a little girl, usually with dads I am more cuddly. I'll be the classic father who buys himself, you give him two docks and he ends up. I would like to be for my son what my mother was for me ”.

Elisa Isoardi did not follow up on Miryea's words, but concentrated on analyzing the behavior of the other castaways. In fact, the competitors do not know that the three women, after elimination, are on another beach and could return to the game. The model revealed: “Awed is a parac ** o, Gilles is a fake respectable, the Lodo I had little time to spend with her. In my opinion, Angela plays in her role as a good feint ". Vera Gemma, on the other hand, explained to Isoardi that the group would always fear her: "They never loved you, they fear you, they ruffle you", she revealed. While the presenter concluded: “Attention, Kostner has entered, who is not stupid and stupid like Isoardi”.

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