Isola, Daniela Martani has something for everyone: Gilles displaces, Valentina aggressive

Isola, Daniela Martani has something for everyone: Gilles displaces, Valentina aggressive

Daniela Martani has very clear ideas on the castaways of the Island 2021 and points the finger at Gilles Rocca and Valentina Persia

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Daniela Martani is certainly not a woman who sends them to say. She has always stood out for her frankness in saying what she thinks and has always made use of this characteristic on the Island of the Famous 2021. At first as a castaway of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi, a choice that caused a lot of discussion, then even after his exit from the game.

Many have been said about her, she who after a long absence from TV has made people talk about her because of her battles and her often criticized social posts. Convinced animal rights activist, vegan by choice, she certainly would have liked to stay longer on the island, to make herself known to the public.

But the mechanics of the game are uncontrollable. So Daniela had to leave the Palapa after losing on televoting against Drusilla Gucci, on the 5th April episode. But there were no "long-distance" clashes with some competitors of the reality show, to which the former Alitalia hostess has a lot to blame, first of all the fact of being ready to stab opponents in the back, as he said during the live broadcast of the April 29.

In an exclusive interview with she removed a few pebbles too many, pointing the finger in particular at Gilles Rocca and Valentina Persia (but not only). Relations with the former were by no means idyllic, on the contrary their discussions caught the attention of the public and of Ilary herself. After the last live fight, any hope of recovering the relationship had collapsed, with Martani in tears accusing Gilles of bullying him (which infuriated him).

Daniela has not changed her position towards the castaway and, indeed, in the interview she expresses a very clear opinion, confirming what she has always thought of him:

"For me Gilles has to leave immediately from the Island of the Famous. (…) I don't like his way of relating to women. (…) Gilles has a behavior that displaces. First he yells at you and then he apologizes. After you forgive him, he adopts the same attitude. Evidently he suffers from a split personality. There are others who like him should calm down because they are too aggressive. "

And on the subject of aggression, the former castaway's attention immediately shifted to another competitor, Valentina Persia, who has received a lot of criticism in recent weeks because of her attitude towards colleagues. Martani, who has never forgiven her for questioning her being vegan, was also very clear about her:

“He's bringing out his worst side. Saying things to your face doesn't justify the aggressive way of pointing them out. He has to change course otherwise he won't get out of this experience well. "

That of the island was certainly an important experience for Daniela, "unique and unrepeatable" as she herself said to, but the bitterness doesn't stop. It is no coincidence that in the interview he mentioned the names and surnames of those who would like to be out of the game and who, on the contrary, would deserve to stay. Miryea Stabile remained in her heart, as did Fariba Tehrani. And now he dreams of Big Brother Vip, an opportunity to make himself known by the public in other respects as well.

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