Isola dei Famosi 2021, all the cast and news

Isola dei Famosi 2021, all the cast and news

Ilary Blasi is preparing to return to TV with "The Island of the Famous 2021": the complete cast and the news

Ilary Blasi, a life between TV and great loves. His story in photos

The expectation is growing for the start of the Island of the Famous 2021. What are the news that await us and the cast? For now, nothing has been confirmed, but rumors have been circulating for weeks on the reality show that will be hosted by Ilary Blasi, who has arrived to replace Alessia Marcuzzi.

According to initial information, the show will be set in Honduras, but with many changes, starting with the conduction, entrusted to the wife of Francesco Totti who, after the GF Vip, returns to the helm of a reality show. Next to her there should be Iva Zanicchi, the only commentator confirmed for now, while Aurora Ramazzotti and Elettra Lamborghini remain in doubt, which Ilary would have wanted in this new edition of the program. Nothing to do even for Tina Cipollari and for Alvin who has already announced his will not to fill the role of envoy.

Who will be the castaways? The cast of the Island of the Famous 2021 seems, at least from rumors, rather rich. The actor Brando Giorgi, Giovanni Ciacci and the footballer Paul Gascoigne could land on the beach. There is also talk of a participation of Amedeo Goria, ex-husband of Maria Teresa Ruta, of Fariba Teherani, mother of Giulia Salemi and of Vera Gemma, daughter of art and great friend of Asia Argento. The list also includes Angela Melillo, comedian Valentina Persia, Clemente Russo and Ubaldo Lanzo. Among the most talked about names is that of Elisa Isoardi. The former host of the Chef's Test is a veteran of the success of Dancing with the Stars and, according to some gossip, she would be tempted to try the adventure of the Island of the Famous. Rounding out the cast is a mysterious viscount whose name has not been revealed.

There are many innovations in the mechanism of the game, among these the most interesting seems to be the island of parasites. A beach where the castaways will be supervised by a guardian and will have to get their own food. After numerous delays and postponements related to the pandemic, which inevitably caused a change in TV schedules, the Island of the Famous should go on air after the end of the GF Vip. Alfonso Signorini's reality show will end on 1 March and a few days later, on 11 March, the first episode of the show with Ilary Blasi would have been set.

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