Isola dei Famosi 2021, Elettra Lamborghini negative: it will be on the show

Isola dei Famosi 2021, Elettra Lamborghini negativa: sarà nello show

Elettra Lamborghin will participate in the third episode of "L'Isola dei Famosi 2021": the heiress was negative

Elettra Lamborghini was negative and will finally be able to land on the Island of the Famous 2021. The heiress had been announced as the third columnist alongside Tommaso Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi, but the positivity at Covid had stopped her. After taking part in the show in connection from home in the first and second episodes, Elettra will be able to enter the studio of the program in time for the third live broadcast.

Lamborghini announced that it was negative and published a long post on Instagram, letting off steam after difficult days. “I AM NEGATIVE !!!! – wrote the singer -. I fought this BA ***** O! I can finally say that there is no COVIDDIII !!! ". Elettra then turned to the fans, recounting her experience and warning everyone: "Stay away I tell you with my heart from a person who has always protected himself 100% … when you discover that you are positive, the world collapses … I personally as soon as I found out I cried all day, and so also at the second tampon (which I thought came out negative) … IT IS SICK, mentally and physically … it feels strange, and above all it is alone and faces the disease ALONE".

Lamborghini spent a few weeks in isolation to avoid infecting the family. "I came out safe and sound and did not attach him to my family and I thank the Lord for this immense gift – he concluded -. Each additional day on this earth is always a gift. Now I just want to hug my boy and see my little blue eyed angel (Dadi) and come back to life ”.

Ilary Blasi had strongly wanted Elettra Lamborghini in the cast of the Island of the Famous 2021 before embarking on this new adventure. The positivity of the heiress had forced her to stay at home for the first two episodes, but now, finally, she will be able to fulfill the fans' dream and join Tommas Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi. The show is coming to life and between quarrels and twists Elettra will certainly be able to give the public new emotions.

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