Isola dei Famosi 2021, Elisa Isoardi at risk of disqualification. Federica Panicucci trembles

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi could be disqualified from Isola dei Famosi for the lasagna-gate. But it seems he has a Mediaset contract ready for Morning 5

Island of the Famous 2021, Elisa Isoardi in bikini makes Federica Panicucci tremble

Elisa Isoardi enchants in a bikini at Playa Esperenza after being eliminated from the Island of the Famous 2021 in the televoting flash in the episode of Monday 6 April. The presenter, on the other hand, is at risk of disqualification but it seems she already has a contract with Mediaset for a spin-off of Mattino 5 that annoys Federica Panicucci.

However, Elisa Isoardi does not seem worried about her fate on the Island of the Famous. And for more than one good reason. First of all, in Playa Esperanza it seems to have found new alliances and friendships with Miryea Stabile and Vera Gemma, the two castaways in confinement with her. With them he confides in the beach, shares coconuts, they help each other as they “climb” the rocks and enjoy the sun of this paradise in Honduras, showing off stratospheric bikinis.

In short, the attention is all for the beautiful Elisa, especially after the Sun has dedicated pages of praise to her. But above all, the public is all on his side, as evidenced by the numerous comments on his Instagram page. Isoardi's followers are now certain: she is the best on the Island of the Famous. "Elisa beautiful and the best of the island of the famous force Elisa always".

And again: "Bella Elisa ❤️ I must say that I like you more every day there on the island … you called it the island of redemption and desires … And who knows in your mind what she is going through … what her thoughts will be …. Come on Ely, always believe in it .. I assure you that here we are many who love you💕💋 ”. "My baby .. How they reduced it to me 💔. You are always the most beautiful, the best of all. Do not give up". And the fact that the episode of Thursday 8 April did not air, left everyone a bit in suspense: "When they tell me that the island is not on the air tonight, I feel like I'm DYING, going mad, I am AMAZINGLY saddened because My sweetest Elisa is EVERYTHING ".

Elisa Isoardi is reconfirmed as leader also at Playa Esperanza, at least according to what her fans write: "You are beautiful you are a nice trio, I also like Vera since you are here ..".

But even if the presenter were to be disqualified from the Island of the Famous, for having participated in the lasagna-gate with the complicity of Angela Melillo, it seems not to be a tragedy for her. According to the latest rumors circulated by various parties, including the always well informed Davide Maggio, Elisa Isoardi already has a contract with Mediaset in her pocket.

It is rumored that she could replace the powerful Barbara D’Urso on Sunday Live. But it is not excluded that the beautiful Elisa is instead entrusted with the conduct of a spin-off of Mattino 5 which would be broadcast on the weekend. However, according to what Dagospia reported, this solution would shake the current hosts of the broadcast, Federica Panicucci and Francesco Vecchi.

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