Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi pays homage to Marcuzzi and she replies

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi omaggia la Marcuzzi e lei risponde

Alessia Marcuzzi responds to Ilary Blasi after the greeting live in the first episode of "L'Isola dei Famosi"

A crackling start for Ilary Blasi's Island of the Famous 2021. The presenter opened the program by paying homage to Alessia Marcuzzi who for years led the reality show and the presenter replied on social media, writing to her colleague.

After presenting the two commentators of the broadcast: Tommaso Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi (Elettra Lamborghini will be in the studio after being cured of Coronavirus), the hostess wanted to send a message to Alessia Marcuzzi. The presenter drove L'Isola dei Famosi for several years, leaving an important legacy and Ilary wanted to remember her, greeting her during the live broadcast.

“A kiss and a hug to Alessia Marcuzzi, she will surely be watching us from home – he said -. This is the new Island of the Famous. Finally we did it. But above all, a welcome audience of Canale5. I am really excited, happy, but also honored to enter your homes and keep you company for the next twenty episodes. I promise you that it will be an Island that will take us far, towards new horizons that we have all dreamed of for months. Nature will return to be mistress and will give a hard time to our castaways, who will instead want to return all winners. Nature is sovereign ”.

Immediate response from Alessia Marcuzzi who on social media revealed not only that she was following The Island of the Famous 2021, but also that she was a big Blasi fan. “Daje tutto!”, She wrote to her colleague. Marcuzzi's farewell to reality TV had come after two rather difficult seasons, marked by scandals and controversies that involved first Francesco Monte and then Riccardo Fogli.

Shortly after the end of the broadcast, Alessia, in agreement with Mediaset, had announced that she wanted to leave the conduction. “A circle has come full circle, a cycle – he confessed -. It seemed to me that I had given everything (…) For me, the perfect castaway was Raz Degan. And the kiss he exchanged with Paola Barale, with whom he had a long love affair, is a memory that I keep in my heart like many viewers ". The presenter had not ruled out the possibility of returning as a shipwrecked woman: “In life I always think never say never”.

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