Isola dei Famosi 2022, the unexpected choice: the name of the probable envoy

Ilary Blasi

It seems that Mediaset has reached a decision on the envoy of the Isola dei Famosi 2022: the choice is really unexpected

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The cast of the next edition of Isola dei Famosi begins to take shape more and more, among first confirmations and indiscretions. The reality show, which should return in the spring (immediately after the end of Big Brother Vip), already has the name of its host and some rumors about the first competitor. Now there are rumors about what the special correspondent should be, and the question becomes interesting: if it were to be confirmed, Mediaset’s choice would be truly unexpected.

Isola dei Famosi 2022, the special correspondent

One of the central roles on the Island of the Famous is that of the special envoy: he is the link between the competitors in Honduras and the rest of the cast in the studio, but he is also the point of reference for the castaways for every need, as well as the one who finds himself always at the center of the “fire” in case of quarrels and controversies. In short, his is a very important presence, and that is why it is necessary to find a “strong” name to take on this role. During the last edition we had the opportunity to see Massimiliano Rosolino put himself to the test, however the former swimming champion had received numerous criticisms. So much so that, from the very first rumors about the next season of the reality show, his presence was excluded.

Instead, it seems that Mediaset has decided to trust him again: this was revealed by the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia, during a long chat at Casa Chi. It seems that Rosolino and Ilary Blasi (very confirmed at the helm of the island) have been spotted out for lunch together with some other members of the production of the program. The official status has not yet arrived, but according to the journalist there are not many doubts. If so, the broadcaster would therefore have taken a completely unexpected choice, at least for the public. Very interesting evenings await us.

The cast of the Island of the Famous 2022

In the meantime, the organization of the new season of the island continues at full speed. The show is expected to return early next spring, immediately after the conclusion of the GF Vip (which has been extended until March 14, 2022). As already seen, the conduct of Ilary Blasi was so satisfying that it immediately made a new confirmation for the beautiful Roman presenter practically certain. The rest of the cast, however, is still in doubt: it now seems inevitable the absence of the three commentators who had kept us company last year.

Iva Zanicchi, Elettra Lamborghini and Tommaso Zorzi will not be in the studio to cheer us up with their brilliant humor. From this point of view, however, it seems that the production is still on the high seas: there is no idea who could cover the role of commentator in the next edition of the Isola dei Famosi. Rather, auditions have already started to identify future competitors. It has always been Parpiglia, in recent days, to give us an indiscretion on the name of the first castaway: according to the news in his possession, it would be the wife of a current gieffino. We are talking about Olga Plachina, married to Aldo Montano. You would have already said to the authors: “Dear Aldo, I kept the children while you were at GF Vip, now you keep them while I am on the island”.

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