Isola dei Famosi: Elisa Isoardi flexes her muscles, cries for her brother and is forgiven

Isola dei Famosi: Elisa Isoardi flexes her muscles, cries for her brother and is forgiven

Elisa Isoardi, Amazon from the island, flexes her muscles and wins the challenge. He is moved by the words of his brother Domenico and the expulsion is filed

Island of the Famous 2021, Elisa Isoardi in bikini makes Federica Panicucci tremble

Once again Elisa Isoardi proved herself on the Island of the Famous, regaining her place in the reality show after being eliminated with flash televoting. The presenter wins the challenge and even wins a hamburger by showing off her muscles, but also revealing her softer side that prevents her from holding back tears.

In the episode of the Island of the Famous on April 12, Elisa Isoardi once again cried and always for her family. If a few weeks ago he had cried during the connection with his mother Irma, now the beautiful presenter is moved by her brother, Domenico. The specific occasion is a letter that her big brother wrote to her and when she read it, tears came out.

Isoardi comments on the special bond with Domenico in this way: “I have a very special relationship with him. When my parents separated he stayed with dad, but I went with mom. It was almost impossible to see each other ”. And he says of him: “He lives in the mountains, he doesn't have gas by choice and not even television, if he wrote to me it means he's watching me and it's the first time”. Elisa confesses that she appreciated his gesture very much and defines her brother as a person of great heart.

Therefore, the island allowed Elisa Isoardi to put family matters in order. He asked his mother's forgiveness for having removed her and strengthened the relationship with his brother.

Once the feelings are filed, when you need to flex your muscles, the presenter is ready to do it. Thus, she wins the challenge together with her new friends, Vera Gemma and Miryea Stabile. Female solidarity has its beneficial effects and the three, nicknamed the Amazons of Playa Esperanza, win the reward test against Valentina Persia, Drusilla Gucci (off the island) and Francesca Lodo.

Meanwhile, Elisa Isoardi is forgiven for the "lasagna case". Angela Melillo had passed her a piece of lasagna, despite the fact that the host was part of the losing team. Both risked expulsion, but only Melillo was punished: "From this evening and throughout the week you will not be entitled to your portion of rice and you will not be able to participate in the leader test, so you will have to work or ask the give up his portion ".

Isoardi triumphs once again and rumors of a Mediaset contract already signed that would make Federica Panicucci tremble are insistent.

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi and the Amazons of the Island of the Famous

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