Isola dei Famosi, Ilary Blasi and those clothes that only she can wear


The real mystery on the Island of the Famous are Ilary's clothes: between velvet, unimaginable slits and extravagant colors, only a goddess like her can wear them

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

Isola dei Famosi 2021: the real mystery of this edition, even more than the hidden strategies, of the collection of skulls by Drusilla or the salads of Fariba, what most lights up the spirits of the tweeters, becoming a reason for discussion, are the outfits of Ilary Blasi . Because, to be honest and reporting the common thought expressed on social media, between uncovered bellies, asymmetrical crossings, vertiginous slits, insidious fabrics, such as velvet or stretch and above all, extravagant televised colors, such as the bright purple of the last episode, combined to accessories and flashy bijoux on the edge of the kitty, only a goddess like Ilary can afford so much.

His seems a challenge not so much to survival, like his castaways, as to "let's see how far I can go to seem unwatchable myself". Yet nothing, he just can't do it. Even with velvet or chenille, even with chandelier earrings that seem to come out of the last Easter egg, she always remains a goddess. Unattainable and wonderful.

Yet another confirmation that the dress does not make the monk, but only if the monk, indeed the nun, is at an Ilary-like level of coolness. You look at it and think: “But then it's not true that velvet is so difficult to wear, or that purple and blue can't be seen together. Then you take a walk in the wardrobe, you try, and you immediately remember why velvet, chenille and stretch are not for you. And that purple and blue together are an eyesore. Of course!

Because it is true that, as Moschino said in the 1980s, he who was the first to clear a free and irreverent fashion: "Better to want to dress as you want than as you should". But if we mere mortals have to stick to at least some fundamental cornerstones, Ilary can afford to run around in the garden of “I do like me turns. Because I know and you are not… ". (And – alas – he is also right).

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