Isola, Ilary Blasi reveals the difficulties of Rosolino and Elettra Lamborghini

Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi reveals the difficulties experienced by Elettra Lamborghini and Massimiliano Rosolino during "L'Isola dei Famosi"

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Ilary Blasi reveals the difficulties of Massimiliano Rosolino and Elettra Lamborghini on the Island of the Famous. The reality show ended with the victory of Awed who triumphed in the final which was held in Honduras. After the adventure with the show, Ilary gave a long interview to FQ Magazine in which he summed up, also talking about the protagonists who characterized the program.

If Tommaso Zorzi has perfectly placed himself in the role of the columnist, Elettra Lamborghini has had a few more difficulties. "She felt a bit like a fish out of water in this reality show – confessed Lady Totti -, she's used to social media I don't know if she felt comfortable but her color helped". Massimiliano Rosolino, sent to Honduras for the Island of the Famous, also had some difficulties. "At the beginning Massimiliano suffered, away from his family for three months and it is not his main job – he clarified -. I respect him, it wasn't easy at all. I too was in a bit of trouble with him between signals and delays, but at a certain point I said to myself: "But what if we make a mistake? Nothing". We started playing with it and he relaxed, started having fun and making fun of himself. His being awkward has become a strength ".

La Blasi then spoke about the ratings of the Island of the Famous. “We are satisfied – he clarified -. I never dwell much on the numbers, even if they are important, because if you bring results, go ahead and make the company happy. I like the idea of ​​bringing joy to homes, of doing something that amuses me and in which I believe ". The presenter finally commented on the farewell to GF Vip and the arrival of Alfonso Signorini who made the latest editions a success: "Everyone puts their signature. We are very different but Alfonso has put his figure – he revealed -. In that genre he's good, I wouldn't know how to do it like he does. I am very modest about some feelings, I can't dig deep when there is something personal. I'm more of a *** me while touching serious topics ".

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