Isola, Ilary Blasi's gaffe with the castaways puts everything at risk

Isola, Ilary Blasi's gaffe with the castaways puts everything at risk

Ilary Blasi's gaffe at "L'Isola dei Famosi" risks changing the balance and dynamics among the castaways

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Ilary Blasi's gaffe with the castaways could change everything. In the last episode of the show, in fact, the host unintentionally revealed the presence of Playa Imboscadissima, the beach where the castaways who are eliminated and who could return to the game land.

For a few weeks the secret beach hosted Beatrice Marchetti, the model who, after being eliminated, showed great strength and courage. During the last episode, Playa Imboscadissima also welcomed another competitor, Francesca Lodo, ​​who, after the clash with Andrea Cerioli, left Palapa, losing on televoting.

The castaways are unaware of the existence of the beach and are convinced that, after elimination, the only option is to return to Italy. The secret is essential to make some mechanisms of reality show more effective. In the last episode aired on May 10, however, Ilary Blasi inadvertently let slip some statements.

It all happened during the challenge with the mud sacks between Valentina Persia and Rosaria Cannavò. The latter did not last long, immediately losing the test. "You are the second nominated, why?" Asked the presenter, making fun of what happened. "Unfortunately I have no strength in my arms," ​​explained the model who further triggered Blasi's irony: "You could have told us before – she replied -. We sent the advertisement, we went to Playa Imboscadissima and it lasted three seconds ”.

Immediately after, Ilary realized she had made a mistake, but by now it was too late. The castaways have not reacted and it is not yet clear whether they are aware of Playa Imboscadissima or not. Certainly this revelation risks changing, once again, all the dynamics of the game.

Currently the beach hosts Beatrice Marchetti. The model had been eliminated shortly after her arrival on the Island of the Famous, landing on the secret beach. Now to keep her company is Francesca Lodo who dreams of a ransom after the elimination and the quarrels with the other castaways. Amidst tears and a thousand doubts, the former tissue from Striscia decided to stay in Honduras again, accepting Marchetti's request. "I'm going crazy, I need to talk to someone," confessed the supermodel and Francesca, to the applause of the audience, agreed to stay with her.

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