Isola, the fate of Ignazio Moser is at stake. And Cecilia cheers for him

Isola, the fate of Ignazio Moser is at stake. And Cecilia cheers for him

Ignazio Moser is ready for his new adventure on the Island of the Famous 2021, but he does not yet know what his future will be

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The appointment with the Island of the Famous 2021 is renewed, another episode full of twists for what is one of the most sparkling editions of recent years. The advances speak of a new entry that is preparing to land in Cayo Cochinos: it is Ignazio Moser, whose fate in the reality show is still to be discovered.

The thirteenth episode of the Island of the Famous 2021 airs Thursday, April 29, in prime time on Channel 5 (pending a probable change of schedule that could arrive as early as next week). As anticipated by Ilary Blasi, this will be a truly surprising appointment, which she herself will comment in the studio with Elettra Lamborghini, Tommaso Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi, the commentators who accompany us throughout this long adventure. One of the highlights that the public eagerly awaits is the arrival of Ignazio Moser.

The cyclist prepares to enter the game, but on the island he will find a climate of tension that will put him to the test right from the start. His future is still uncertain: will he be welcomed among the Primitives, or will he be part of the Arresters group? If the challenge starts in a really difficult way for him, he is still sure that he will be able to count on the support of his girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez. The beautiful Argentine will be a guest in the studio and will cheer on her partner, trying to support him from afar in these first hours of his adventure.

Meanwhile, in Cayo Cochinos the atmosphere is getting hotter. Francesca Lodo will have a new opportunity to complete the challenge of the kiss in apnea, after the refusal of Gilles Rocca last week. The prize up for grabs, on the other hand, is definitely interesting: nothing less than a coveted dish of pasta. Also for Fariba there are new difficulties on the horizon, as the group seems to be increasingly compact against her. To support her will be her daughter Giulia Salemi, also a guest in Blasi's studio.

Finally, there is great tension among the castaways at risk of elimination. The nominees of this episode are Manuela Ferrera, Miryea Stabile, Roberto Ciufoli and Ubaldo Lanzo: who among them will succumb to televoting and will be forced to leave the Palapa? While waiting to discover the new eliminated, we can prepare for an episode full of emotions that will keep us in suspense until the last moment.

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