Isola, the great return of Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi

After having to leave the Island of the Famous 2021 due to a health problem, Elisa Isoardi returns to the studio

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

It is time for highly anticipated returns to the Island of the Famous 2021: the next episode will be full of surprises that will give the public great emotions. The protagonist of the evening will undoubtedly be Elisa Isoardi, ready to return to the scene a few weeks after her farewell to the reality show caused by health problems.

The new week starts in a big way with a stellar appointment: the Island of the Famous 2021 is renewed with an evening full of fun and twists that will entertain us on Monday 3 May, again on Canale 5. At the conduction, Ilary Blasi will be again the star of the show, with her extraordinary looks and her overwhelming sympathy. While, commenting on the adventures of the castaways, will once again be the commentators Elettra Lamborghini, Tommaso Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi. But what will the new episode of the Island reveal to us?

The previews promise great surprises, starting with the guests present in the studio. For the first time, three former competitors will return to the scene to tell their experience: Elisa Isoardi, Brando Giorgi and Drusilla Gucci. The latter has been eliminated in recent weeks, after clamoring to her fans not to save her in order to finally return home. The adventure was particularly difficult for her, and in the last days of her stay in Honduras she had certainly not hidden her desire to quit the game.

Brando and Elisa, on the other hand, were forced to retire due to health problems. Both had a minor eye accident: the actor suffered a detachment of the retina, and once back in Italy he had to operate in order not to further jeopardize his sight. Isoardi, on the other hand, was injured when a lapillus of ash entered her eye, and had to leave the reality show to cure herself. Just a few days ago, the presenter revealed on Instagram that she was finally able to remove the blindfold, and soon we will see it again in all its beauty.

If there are therefore three great protagonists in the studio, there will be surprises in Cayo Cochinos. Eyes on Ignazio Moser, the latest arrival: during the evening he will have to undergo the test of the hero, to allow his team to win an important prize. The former cyclist will once again find the support of his girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez, who will continue to cheer him on during his difficult adventure on the Island of the Famous 2021. Finally, we will find out who will be eliminated in the televoting between Gilles Rocca, Roberto Ciufoli and Rosaria Cannavò.

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