Isola, the mystery of the faces of Isoardi (who does not speak but says everything)


Elisa Isoardi, protagonist of the Island: praised by the Sun, treated with gloves by Ilary, respected by her teammates, she keeps herself super partes, she doesn't speak but with her expressions she says it all

Elisa Isoardi: emotions, bikinis and tears on the Island of the Famous 2021

Elisa Isoardi, true case of the Island of the Famous 2021. Since the news of her participation in the reality show by many fans considered a fall in style. Because, in the opinion of many, alongside characters in the odor of rehabilitation and second chance – former comedians and valets -, or in search of the first possibility of media visibility – various influencers and noble scions – she, Rai presenter of a certain level, it seemed almost out of place. It is true that in every reality show there is always some leading character, but many have wondered what could have prompted her to leave for Honduras. Why do you pass Dancing with the Stars, a Rai program not as extreme as the Island, but putting yourself in the shoes of the shipwrecked woman, getting naked and facing the difficulties of survival, is not something for everyone. Especially if you don't really need it.

Yet Elisa said it right away: “I wanted to test myself, get out of the comfort zone, and reach new goals, proving something to myself and to others”. Including her mother, of whom, it is understood, Elisa has veneration and awe, the only one towards which she emotionally collapsed in the confessional.

From the first day on the island, she has made things clear: ready to get her hands dirty, yes, while always maintaining an attitude of detachment from strategies, quarrels, quarrels and controversies.

She, statuesque physique and haughty expression, even praised by the Sun, moves on the beach like a real queen, looking at everyone (especially men) from top to bottom. Except for a couple of friends – Angelo Melillo in the first place – Elisa gives herself little. And when Ilary gathers the castaways in "Palapa" during the episode, the situation and the impression are the same. Elisa, silent, observes but intervenes little. Blasi questions her, asks her, defines her super partes and is interested in her opinion, but she does not expose herself: she speaks in metaphors, she makes judgments but never direct and explicit ("there are mules and horns") and always remains on the vague.

Too bad, and let's get to the point, that her faces and expressions, which have already become memes and catchphrases on Twitter, think about it, talking for her. Like those who don't want to say, but then still betray themselves with body language. You don't need to mention names to guess what you think of each of his fellow adventurers: his eyes, more expressive than ever, and his grimaces are enough.

His thoughts were perfectly understood upon his arrival on the island of Fariba and Ubaldo from Parasite Island, as well as the return of Brando Giorgi. Elisa does not speak, but in reality she says everything. And unlike those in there who talk too much but don't say anything, maybe she has figured out how to get to the final. And win.

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