Isola, the production intervenes to help the castaways

Isola, the production intervenes to help the castaways

The production of "L'Isola dei Famosi" intervenes to help the castaways who failed to fish

Isola 2021, bad weather puts the shipwrecked to the test

The production intervenes to help the castaways of the Isola dei Famosi, in difficulty due to fishing. The tension in Honduras is skyrocketing, in fact, after several weeks on the island, the competitors were unable to fish, feeding only a little rice. A situation that had never occurred in so many years of the show. Precisely for this reason the production has chosen to intervene, sending a person who will teach the castaways to fish.

"Dear castaways, in 15 editions of the Isola dei Famosi it had never happened that competitors were unable to catch anything – explained the production in a press release -, which is why it was decided to grant you a support teacher". Thomas landed on the island, an expert fisherman who explained to competitors how to catch fish, both with line and net. The teachings served, as soon after both Isolde and Fariba were able to fish.

Despite this, there was no lack of quarrels like the one, rather heated, between Valentina Persia and Brando Giorgi. "These last few days I have been thinking all night, I would like a little estrangement from the group – announced the actor -. There are dynamics that unfortunately I can't understand, I can't fit in ”, he explains in front of the amazed eyes of his teammates. “There will be things to do in common like the fire that I would like to contribute to, for the rest I will stay there. When we talk we will do it in front of the cameras, because I don't want any more misunderstandings ”.

Shortly after, a heated confrontation with Valentina Persia was born. “Try to analyze for a moment the ways in which you compare yourself – said the comedian addressed to Brando -, they are always those of the advice that no one has asked you. Like when we try to light the fire: for you it is good advice, for us it is a rupture of co **** i ". Brando's reply was biting: "I was referring to the fact that you were pretending to turn it on, then when you saw the cameras go away you did it with glasses. You also asked the others to check that they did not reach you ”. Words that have sparked the anger of Valentina Persia: “Stay shit out of the jar – he thundered -. You say things that are not true. I did the trick ok, but it didn't turn on. The truth is that you don't give a ** to anyone ”.

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