Isola, the tears for Gilles di Francesca. Which remains dry-mouthed

Isola, the tears for Gilles di Francesca. Which remains dry-mouthed

Isola dei Famosi, Gilles refuses a reward test in which he should have kissed Francesca Lodo and she is left without amatriciana. His tears are those of all of us

Isola dei Famosi, after 40 days in Honduras, the games get tough. And the tough guys really start playing. Or it would be better to write hard "le", since only women are showing temper, determination and cazzimma. In the face of listless, inactive, complaining males. Or reduced to crying about anything. Like the super gym and (on paper) leader Gilles Rocca, who in the twelfth episode of the reality show more than Rambo now looks like Donald Duck.

Tired, tried by the lack of food and affections, not only is he no longer able to make a difference in the group, but he begins to rant and combine damage every time he opens his mouth.

During the live broadcast on Monday 26 April, after the bad impression of the previous episode in which he had shown himself rude towards the new castaways, he made another one. This time against his (we hope ex) best friend Francesca Lodo. Leaving it dry-mouthed, in the true sense of the word, that is, without dry pasta. Depriving her of the only chance to satiate herself with a nice plate of amatriciana, after 40 days of semi-fasting.

But let's go in order: the two are chosen as a couple to face the reward test, clashing with the couples formed by Vera and Matteo and Awed and Manuela in an endurance competition of kissing in apnea. Up for grabs: a nice plate of amatriciana. But Gilles immediately refuses, citing at first alleged reasons of respect for his great love Miriam (“I can only have a candlelit dinner with her”). At Ilary's reproach ("Please, it's a game, it's a kiss, which will never be …"), he reverses and says that that is not the problem, that "he is an actor and he gave a thousand kisses for fiction, he also shot important sex scenes with other women ”, but experiencing a moment of physical and psychological fragility, not having a good head, would risk ruining everything. It is not clear whether he means that he could fall into temptation or drown underwater.

The substance is that between the whistles of the audience in the studio and the displeasure of Ilary, Francesca, who has always been calm and controlled, bursts into tears. And the kisses and hugs of Gilles, who promises her his evening portion of rice, are worthless. Back in Palapa, Lodo blurts out: "I'm not angry with Gilles, I understand that having a woman at home who looks at you while kissing another can be annoying. But it's a game, come on, and see that plate of pasta … I've never said a ca ### but it gnaws my ass! "

Gilles insists on the discourse of psychic fragility and at this point Blasi blurts out: “But Gilles you had to give a kiss in apnea, not climbing a mountain. I don't understand what mental stability you are referring to, it doesn't make sense what you say, sorry ”.

In the end, Gilles broke a record on the island: that of being able to make them all cry, either with anger or with sorrow. And we don't know which group to belong to. Of one of the two, no doubt.

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