Isola, the tears of Ignazio Moser and three things that (perhaps) you have missed

From Ignazio Moser's tears to the Cerioli-Persia quarrel: what happened in the semifinal of "L'Isola dei Famosi"

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Great emotions in the semi-final of the Isola dei Famosi with the competitors who played all out, between tears and live fights. To be moved was above all Ignazio Moser, boyfriend of Cecilia Rodriguez, who told the relationship with his father, but also Beatrice Marchetti, who lived much of this adventure alone. Clash between Andrea Cerioli and Valentina Persia, while Isolde Kostner was eliminated.

Let's find out together the most exciting moments and the report cards to the protagonists of the Island of the Famous.

IGNAZIO MOSER – After the GF Vip in which he started a love story with Cecilia, Belen Rodriguez's sister, Ignazio talks about himself with great transparency on the Island of the Famous. Ilary Blasi's reality show allowed the public to get to know him better even in his moments of fragility. Thus Ignatius melts in tears in front of his father's message. “I didn't expect it because we were clear before coming here and he said he didn't want to be involved – he confessed -. Even if we may not always get along, but he is my dad, he has always been and will always be my example ". We like this new version of Ignazio, far from the glossy photos of Instagram. VOTE: 8.

BEATRICE MARCHETTI and ISOLDE KOSTNER – Both entered the reality show on tiptoe, often accused of not getting involved in the dynamics of the group, of being lonely and silent. In the end, however, Isolde and Beatrice turned out to be the great protagonists of the island. Strong, resourceful and determined, two iron ladies who, in their own way, conquered the public. Beatrice, after weeks alone, got the pass for the final voted by the viewers who appreciated her strength. Isolde leaves with a smile: "I am happy to go home to my children and my husband, very happy, I miss them very much". VOTE: 9.

VALENTINA PERSIA and ANDREA CERIOLI – Sparks between the two competitors during the semi-final of the Isola dei Famosi with a quarrel that, between accusations and swear words, could have been avoided. Fatigue and hunger play tricks, so during the episode Andrea and Valentina attack each other with no holds barred. To add fuel to the fire Gilles Rocca who joins the conversation to criticize Persia. Sterile controversy and an avoidable scene in a semi-final. VOTE: 5.

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