Isola, Valentina Persia under accusation for the gesture towards Fariba

Isola, Valentina Persia under accusation for the gesture towards Fariba

Criticisms and debates for the gesture of Valentina Persia who imitates Fariba on "L'Isola dei Famosi"

Valentina Persia ended up at the center of the controversy due to her imitation of Fariba Tehrani on the Island of the Famous 2021. After weeks of relative calm, hunger and tension are now felt in Honduras, giving rise to clashes and quarrels.

To change the balance once again was the arrival of Vera Gemma and Miryea Stabile on the beach. The two Amazons, strengthened by their experience with Elisa Isoardi, declared war on the other islanders. In particular, Vera clashed with Andrea Cerioli because of a reward based on fries that the women initially did not share with the other castaways.

Fariba, who in the last episodes had had clashes with competitors, got very close to Vera Gemma and Miryea Stabile, siding on their side. A situation that has created further tensions on the Island of the Famous, in front of which Valentina has not pulled back. Persia has in fact imitated Fariba several times, accusing her of plotting behind the backs of others "by weaving a web".

"I notice that on the island there are many crabs, many fish and many spiders that weave an extraordinary web – he said -. One evening Roberto and I were in front of the fire and Fariba came to ask for explanations on the nominations, the next day she went to Paul saying that she had clarified with us and that we were plotting against him to vote for him ".

However, the imitation of Fariba's accent did not appeal to many viewers who accused Valentina Persia of behaving disrespectfully. Giulia Salemi, daughter of the competitor and well-known influencer, also intervened on the matter, who explained on Instagram: “Sometimes, rarely, imitations to a foreigner can be nice, other times they can only create embarrassment and frost – he confessed -. Let's try to be united to save all my mother Fariba ”.

A theme that will certainly be discussed during the next episode of the Island of the Famous. After the farewell of Brando Giorgi and Elisa Isoardi for health reasons, now the spotlight is on Valentina Persia, a very strong character of the reality show. The comedian in the past episodes had told some background of his life, made up of great successes on TV, but also of pains that have marked his private life.

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