It ended between Raz Degan and Paola Barale

It ended between Raz Degan and Paola Barale

The announcement on the showgirl's Facebook page

Finished VIP loves: couples burst

Many years of love, many journeys. A life together, now the separation: Paola Barale and Raz Degan said goodbye. It is Barale herself who announced it on Facebook, with a moving announcement, accompanied by a photo that portrays the ex-couple together (you can see it in the gallery): "This is a photo that I really like. It does not portray a simple kiss between two people having an affair. but, for me, it portrays exactly what Raz and I have been for all these long years. I believe that most of all we are joined by passion, passion for who we were. Those were overwhelming years where we grew up together and our love was transformed. For now, Raz and I have decided to take different paths. It happens in life at some point. It is not right to settle for a feeling that has lost its liveliness and color. Now I can brush my hair before my eyes … Anything can always happen. "

Their story began in 2002. At the time, Barale had a finished marriage behind her, with the dancer Gianni Sperti. He left him for Raz and they have since made a steady couple. With ups and downs, of course. Like in 2008 when they left temporarily. He had an affair with Taricone's widow, Kasia Smutniak. Then he returned to Paola.

Neither of them ever wanted children. But Barale dreamed of it, desired it. “I love the children of others, I live surrounded by dogs, but I wouldn't feel like changing my life – said Barale to Grace – Raz doesn't hear us about the wedding. I throw it there every two by three. I say to him, 'Look nice I'm a woman to marry,' but he's nothing. I believe in marriage. On the other hand, I never wanted children. If in Italy you declare that you do not have a maternal instinct, everyone will jump on you, but I want to be honest ".

Today there remains a great affection and mutual respect. A short time ago in Verissimo Raz Degan said: "Paola has a great nobility of soul. It never tries to be different from what it is. She is a transparent, strong, modest and honest woman and, although she does not know it, she is also very wise ".

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