It is a very famous star thanks to X-Factor: do you recognize it?

It is a very famous star thanks to X-Factor: do you recognize it?

Street VIP: from Tamara Ecclestone to Leona Lewis

It is one of the stars discovered and launched by X-Factor, but with glasses and hair gathered Leona Lewis is unrecognizable. The singer willingly gets confused in the crowd waiting for her flight. As an authentic VIP, Tamara Ecclestone allows casual wear with shoes and bags to be noted for an afternoon shopping walk.

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, was paparazzi in total black. To copy, the lace-ups combined with the pants to change according to the leg.

Let's move on to VIPs in our home. Renata Polverini, already at the center of the controversy over her Roman shopping, succumbed to the charm of Via Montenapoleone. The vice-president of the Labor Committee in the House abandoned the capital for a ride in the fashion district.

Sunglasses, dark coats, black boots the former governor of the Lazio Region stopped to exchange a few words with a supporter in fleece gloves waiting for her at the gate with a sign on her neck on which reads "Io I'm not a communist, I'm 66 years old ". Handshake and go.

Very nice Arisa while shopping in via Montenapoleone. Grimaces and smiles for the paparazzi who immortalized her in a Casadei shop while trying on vertiginous stiletto shoes.

The great cold has arrived and the stars are covered with duvets, parkas and furs. The street style of the celebrities, from the friendly Dutch presenter Ellen Hidding to the less sympathetic Carla Bruni, is characterized by comfort: trousers, wool cap, wrap-around jacket. Then there are those who dare with something more original and fashion.

Consider the little sisters Kardashian, Khloe and the better known Kim. The two protagonists of one of the most successful reality shows on American television have always had some problems with their own weight, subjecting themselves to real tortures to appear threadlike in the most disparate public occasions. On the new mother Kim the most controversial rumors have followed: she will do this diet, she is under contract with an important company in the sector, she does not leave the house to dispose of the extra pounds first.

The bad things must have caused the beautiful Kim to torture herself with a fast and gym to appear already in shape as we see her. And to hazard an unlikely shorts with vertiginous heels for a simple walk. Frankly, an exaggeration even for a Kardashian.

We were saying that little Khloe is no exception: in our gallery you admire her with open sandals, a tight skirt, a blouse and a jewel in steel. Like it or not the two girls have their say, in terms of style for American teenagers. Let's move on to another familiar side of the US star system: Zosia Mame. The actress, known for her participation in series of great success in the US, does not stand out for what concerns her wardrobe, earning herself in some cases the title of worst dressed.

Less aggressive and above all less enslaved than a perennially revised and revisable image, the divas of our house. Let's take the magnificent Stefania Sandrelli: all you need is a pair of jeans and a scarf to be always charming, over 60 years old. Beauty passes, the attractiveness remains, says Diego Dalla Palma.

Simona Izzo presents herself at an evening opting for a sporty and very witty outfit, played on warm colors and comfortable jeans, showing photographers her usual smile and her little dog … like a bag. Free and informal, in line with the gypsy trend, Mara Venier, who in the company of her husband Nicola Carraro walks undisturbed through the streets of the center, holding hands. Even Flavio Briatore, entrepreneur and host of the reality show The apprentice, adopts a more modest style than he should: jeans, tight-fitting jacket with zip and unbuttoned shirt. Inevitable the blue glasses that, as explained by Briatore, exhibits for shyness. Do we believe him?

Let's take a myth instead, a former sex symbol for the girls of the 1980s: Mickey Rourke, the beautiful and damned to avoid. A splendid time (we refer to the times of 9 and a half weeks), now on the way to decline partially relieved by the success of the film The Wrestler, a film in which he plays a character without redemption giving great proof of himself.

Long skirt and sleeveless top for the splendid and shining Eva Longoria, an icon of beauty and not by chance chosen as the testimonial of cosmetic houses: even if in these images it doesn't seem impeccable, her grace rewards her. On the other hand, the beautiful Claudia Romani with orange heels and dress (ino-ino) with a cleverly printed eye is eye-catching enough to detain the attention of the paparazzi.

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