It is ‘street food selfie’ mania, the new contagious fashion

It is 'street food selfie' mania, the new contagious fashion

Hungry travelers love the self-timer and in Italy, the raw material is not lacking

It is street food selfie mania.
Here is how it was born: it is sufficient to photograph one of your favorite “Street” foods with a detail of the city in which you are in the background. This is the self-timer of hungry travelers.
A new fashion that comes from America and that is also spreading to us.
Nick Mollberg, 31, was born in Austin, Texas, a traveler by vocation and work and a lover of good food, he created a real trend.
This young American started shooting photographs of street food specialties from the area about 5 years ago so that the location was clearly visible.
Little by little it turned into a real ritual and on its Facebook profile, the “Food Eats” album was continuously enriched.
In his album, even a shot Made in Italy: cold cuts and some sweets in Rome.
Certainly, the raw material we do not miss, every Italian city offers ideas for taking quality food selfies.
Who has never happened to bite an arancino on the beach of Scopello or to enjoy a fried pizza against the blue background of the Gulf of Naples.
“To understand the culture of a country it is essential to try its true cuisine – explained Mollberg to the” Daily Mail “.
What are you waiting for? It is an open challenge to the sound of selfies and arancini selfie.

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