Italian mothers and fathers against homework. How does it work in the rest of the world?

Mothers in revolt: no homework for the summer

The task load for elementary and middle school children has often become unsustainable. Is this also the case in the rest of the world?

In Italy the controversies against homework never stop. From mothers in revolt against homework for the summer, to a letter from their father who did not let his son do his holiday homework, to the most recent one of his mother who preferred to let him play over the weekend rather than doing homework.

But how does it work in the rest of the world? How many tasks do 8-year-olds have every day? To work harder are the children of Kenya, who after 8 hours of school have on average another 2 hours of homework. Same numbers for China, where the government has limited to 2 hours of daily tasks.

The most fortunate are the English, who have no tasks at all (but are in class 7 hours). Brazilians don't mind too: they have 5 hours of lessons and only an hour of homework. The same happens in Spain and Germany.

The most important thing, however, is that the usefulness of the tasks can be discussed, but the authority of the teachers cannot be questioned.

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