Italian Stories, Alessandra Tripoli pregnant confesses on Dancing with the Stars

Italian Stories, Alessandra Tripoli pregnant confesses on Dancing with the Stars

Alessandra Tripoli tells about her pregnancy away from Italy to Eleonora Daniele and on Dancing with the Stars: "I miss her so much"

The vip pancioni of autumn 2020

Alessandra Tripoli in connection with Storie Italiane tells Eleonora Daniele about her pregnancy away from Italy. And he confesses that he misses Dancing with the Stars where in 2018 he triumphed paired with Cesare Bocci.

The dancer is sixth pregnant. In January she will become the mother of a boy, the fruit of love for Luca Urso. The little one will be called Liam: "It is the first name we chose, I think it will remain that one, we continue to look for others but the first love is never forgotten".

Alessandra Tripoli lived the sweet wait away from her family and away from Italy. In fact, she is in Hong Kong, where Heather Parisi also lives, as she herself explains in connection with Storie Italiane: “It is 17:30 here and I am in Hong Kong. I moved nine years ago, it seems like yesterday but almost 10 years have already passed, I'm here for work ”.

Then Tripoli tells of the pregnancy she experienced in such a difficult moment due to the pandemic and, moreover, far from her loved ones: "It's a difficult moment for everyone, I live the best moment of my life away from my beloved Italy and from my family but we are fine and that's okay ”. She continues by confessing that she would have liked to spend the months of sweet expectation next to the family, precisely because she has been away for years. But Covid has made any movement difficult and dangerous: “Traveling is practically impossible and unsafe, my heart is in Italy, I make many Skype calls and it's hard, I would have liked to experience it in another way”.

Alessandra talks with emotion about her baby on the way and turns directly to Eleonora Daniele, also Carlotta's new mother, born last May 25: "In the last ultrasound my baby was almost a kilogram, an indescribable emotion, you understand me Eleonora “. She then tells of the desire for motherhood she had cultivated for a long time, but her work forced her to always postpone until the right time came.

Speaking of work, Alessandra Tripoli reveals how much she misses you Dancing with the Stars and addressing the cast: “I miss you very much, I love you”. The reference to Casare Bocci is inevitable for which Tripoli has only beautiful words: "That was a beautiful edition, with Cesare there is a special feeling, I call him 'Uncle Bocci', I miss that stage very much, even Milly, I miss them all ". And he admits. "It's strange to follow Dancing from here."

Meanwhile, Alessandra Tripoli also makes her closeness feel to Italian fans by sharing her pregnancy photos on Instagram. Her baby bump drives everyone crazy and many rush to compliment her.

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