Italian stories, Alessandra Tripoli soon mom: "I will give birth alone"

Italian stories, Alessandra Tripoli soon mom: "I will give birth alone"

Guest of "Storie Italiane", Alessandra Tripoli talks about her pregnancy and announces that she is ready to give birth

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Alessandra Tripoli, dancer of Dancing with the Stars, talks to Storie Italiane. The artist is ready to give birth to her first child, the fruit of love for Luca Urso. Childbirth is very close and Tripoli, who lives in Hong Kong, explained that unfortunately her husband will not be able to attend the birth of her child. "There are 10 days left, but I cross my fingers so that the little one comes into the world a little earlier – he revealed to Eleonora Daniele -, for a couple of days her belly has dropped. Something beautiful in 2020, which has very little in store for us, but we face everything that comes ".

Alessandra Tripoli is one of the most loved faces in Dancing with the Stars. She did not take part in the latest edition of Milly Carlucci's show because she lives in Hong Kong where she stayed with her husband waiting to become a mother. "Today we had 32 cases – he explained -, but the government is so strict and continues with restrictions even when the cases drop, they wait to go below 10 cases before changing the measures implemented a month ago so to date the fathers are not admitted to the delivery room and the incredible thing is that they do not let them in even at the end of the birth, for that hour which is very important for the father because he sees his child for the first time ".

"I was already sad that I would have to face the birth and the moment of labor alone – added Tripoli -, and instead now I'll have to greet him in front of the hospital and see him again when two of us leave the hospital, to my opinion is horrible, something that shouldn't be done, also because two people enter restaurants, and I think they could have managed it differently, perhaps with last minute tampons, instead they are adamant, we have also started collecting signatures and petitions , since there are many mothers who are in my situation but the government is adamant ”. After giving birth, Alessandra plans to return to Italy. Among the first people he will meet is the actor Cesare Bocci with whom he triumphed at Dancing with the Stars: "A victory of the friendship that still continues to it, he told me that as soon as I return to Italy he will come to Sicily to meet the his grandchild in law ".

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