Italian stories, Dalila Di Lazzaro tells her drama to Eleonora Daniele


"I spent 750 thousand euros on treatment. I don't have a decent pension": Dalila Di Lazzaro tells of the accident that changed her life and the consequences suffered

Dalila Di Lazzaro, guest of Eleonora Daniele at Italian Stories, told her drama, speaking through a link to the talk on pensions. Due to an accident that changed her life many years ago, the actress confessed that she does not have a good pension.

In fact, that incident, Dalila Di Lazzaro told Eleonora Daniele: "It broke a magical moment in my career. Because of that accident, I was no longer able to work. I have not reached forty years of work but even if I had done so, despite having always paid, today I would not have a decent pension ".

Then, Di Lazzaro, a guest of Daniele, asked in a loud voice: "If a person is forced to stop working and can no longer do anything, how should he behave?". And he went on to explain his case: "I had about ten years of work left, I asked a thousand times for integration, but it's like asking for alms".

On her health problem, which Eleonora defined as very serious, Dalila Di Lazzaro explained: “I have chronic pain. I spent more than 750 thousand euros to treat myself. I would like them to acknowledge that my problem is serious. Even if you see me like this, I can't move. During the accident, I hit my back and a piece of trapezius tore some nerve tissue from my spine. I suffer from chronic neuropathic pain, I can't move like all of you. I can take a walk but always with morphine in my pocket ”.

In the nineties, the actress was in fact the victim of a motorcycle accident that caused her to fracture the atlas, the first vertebra of the neck, forcing her to remain motionless in bed, lying and convalescing for a long time. The consequences of the crash marked a setback for her career, as she recalled in Storie Italiane.

Eleonora Daniele once again gives space in her transmission to stories of women with strong, sometimes dramatic experiences, who become an example for everyone, from Oriella Dorella to Ramona Badescu.

Dalila Di Lazzaro wanted to thank the presenter with a post on her Instagram profile: "TV is always an emotion .. especially when it comes to current issues .. I would have liked to say many other things but between the tight deadlines and the alternation of guests is not easy. A special thanks to the sweet Eleonora Daniele 🌺💋😘 ”. Many comments from Dalila's fans: “You are always a beautiful presence”, and again: “You were perfect as always, with class (they screamed !!!) and you explained very well the problems that unfortunately exist, however Eleonora did closures to you, giving you the floor, you were Beautiful and Ethereal, we hope that in this country that I love so much social laws will improve as in France and Germany…. ". And then: "Hello Dalila, a pleasure to have seen you on TV today, always beautiful".

Dalila Di Lazzaro

Dalila Di Lazzaro – Source: Press office

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