Italian stories, Oriella Dorella tells herself to Eleonora Daniele


Oriella Dorella, guest of Eleonora Daniele, told about the difficulties of motherhood after the separation from her husband. But also a detail on Heather Parisi

Eleonora Daniele closed the episode of Italian Stories with a long interview with Oriella Dorella, one of the most popular dancers in the world. L’etoile della Scala told of herself with an open heart, confessing the joys and sorrows of her life, such as the desire for motherhood.

"In my career I have always made targeted choices," Oriella said, referring to the decision taken twenty years ago to adopt two foreign children. "That of resorting to adoption was not my choice, but our choice. My ex-husband and I made the decision together but within a few days things changed ”.

The dancer recalls the difficult moment in which she found herself alone raising two teenagers, because her husband had left her. "I suddenly found myself alone with two teenagers to raise. My life has completely changed from one day to the next. It was Christmas Eve when my husband left me “.

Oriella Dorella remembers in Eleonora Daniele's show: "At the time I still worked a lot. Suddenly I felt split off. On the one hand there was the pain of abandonment but also some frustration and many questions. On the other hand, there was instead a very important reality: two siblings with a painful past who had finally found a family which, however, immediately crumbled ".

The siblings are now about 30 years old and Oriella continues: "I was their mum and dad, so much so that at times I felt called mapa having a double role".

Born in 1952, the dancer recalled her participation in Fantastico at the beginning of the eighties and also revealed a detail of her relationship with Heather Parisi: "There was no rivalry but healthy competition". And he continued: “I think there are some good programs on television today dedicated to real dance”.

The interview with Oriella Dorella was very much liked by the audience of Storie Italiane who commented on the Instagram profile of the show, complimenting them: "What an example of a Woman. 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️ ”. And again: “Great Woman !!!! 👏👏👏 Little man ”.

Compliments also arrive to Eleonora Daniele for her professionalism and her beauty: “Motherhood has done you a lot of good …… You are even more beautiful !!!!!!”. The presenter became Carlotta's mother last May and recently shared a sweet photo with her little girl.

Eleonora Daniele Oriella Dorella

Eleonora Daniele and Oriella Dorella – Source: Press office

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