Italian stories, Orietta Berti and love with Osvaldo: 54 years of marriage

Italian stories, Orietta Berti and love with Osvaldo: 54 years of marriage

Orietta Berti, guest of "Italian Stories", talked about her marriage to Osvaldo and their 54 years of love

Orietta Berti, fresh from the success of the Sanremo Festival, was a guest at Storie Italiane: together with Eleonora Daniele she retraced some of the most beautiful (and fun) moments of the musical event, but she also talked about love with Osvaldo.

For the artist and her husband these were difficult months due to Covid: both were in fact infected and especially for Paterlini the consequences of the disease were heavy. Osvaldo has lost 16 kilos, and is slowly recovering. Even Orietta – as she confessed on Sunday as guest of Mara Venier – was afraid for her health: "I risked skipping Sanremo – she explained – I was very ill".

The Festival was a great success for her, starting with her outfits that conquered everyone: "I went there with ironic looks, I brought some joy, I brought the glitter of sequins, I didn't miss anything ! ".

Her Osvaldo follows her, albeit from a distance: “We have 9 cats, two Molosser dogs and three fish, he stayed at home to look after the family of animals”, confessed Berti. His support, however, has never lacked, and just a few days ago, on March 14, they celebrated 54 years of marriage. Eleonora Daniele for the occasion showed a video with the most beautiful moments of the couple, which excited the singer: "It's beautiful," she said with a tender smile.

To his love story with Osvaldo he dedicated the success of the Sanremo Festival, When you fell in love, which, as he revealed on the eve of the event, "It tells of an encounter that becomes passion, a passion that lasts a lifetime as it happened to we".

During the interview, the presenter together with Orietta Berti recalled Raoul Casadei, a great friend of the singer, also one of the victims of Covid. “He was a gentleman, very nice. He brought the cheerful music of Romagna all over Italy, all over Europe. It made millions and millions of people dance, "said the artist.

And then he said: "We always met behind the scenes of some television program, and he always said to me 'I have to invite you, you have to come to my house …'. This appointment never happened, because he had so many commitments, I mine, it remained so in the air. Who knows if one day we will do it up there together “.

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