Italian Stories, Wilma Goich is moved by remembering her missing daughter, Susanna Vianello

Susanna Vianello

Guest of Eleonora Daniele's Italian Stories, Wilma Goich is moved by remembering his daughter Susanna Vianello

At Storie Italiane, Wilma Goich is moved by remembering her missing daughter, Susanna Vianello. In Eleonora Daniele's studio, the artist recounted the pain of the loss she experienced five months ago and which indelibly marked both her and her ex-husband Edoardo Vianello.

"In the last few days I was feeling a little better – said Goich -, but when you find yourself talking about these things it is inevitable to cry, it's hard it's very hard […] Today it's 5 months – she added speaking of Susanna's disappearance Vianello -, too little time and then how do you do there is a crazy void that is difficult to fill, I fill it with thoughts, with memories, with my nephew who is very close to me. Edoardo is also close to me because he suffers like me, he is his father. We have all come together but it is not enough because she is missing and it is difficult to fill this void ”.

During her interview with Storie Italiane, Wilma said that her daughter Susanna discovered she was ill after having undergone some checks due to a sciatica that did not pass. “We do the resonance and a small quibble came out that they deepened with the CT scan, but by now it was too late it was already very advanced, he was at the fourth level and I didn't know anything, because they didn't exactly tell me everything and I didn't understand. I knew he had lung cancer, but I didn't know he had taken the bones. "

"My nephew and I spent the last week of our life in the clinic, together with Susanna – revealed Wilma Goich to Storie Italiane – […] Even if we all get together, we miss her very much, the main person among us is missing. ". The 74-year-old singer has revealed that she has suffered greatly from the death of her daughter, who disappeared in just one month. "How do you do it is an unnatural pain, a detachment that occurred so suddenly that it shocked me – he confessed, stating that Edoardo Vianello was very close to him in this period -. He is very close to me, but he too has ups and downs, he is suffering a lot ”.

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