It's called Isis and Facebook blocks the account

A girl found her Facebook profile blocked because of her name. She had been mistaken for a terrorist. Here's what he did

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Her name is Isis Anchalee and Facebook blocked her profile by mistaking her for a terrorist (for the first time in Europe, in Paris, a woman blew herself up). It was of no use to send explanations complete with an attached identity document. After sending three emails and the non-response of the social network, Isis has decided to tell his story via Twitter. And finally Facebook responded using just the same platform.

So the girl chirped:

Facebook thinks I'm a terrorist. It seems that sending a picture of my passport isn't enough to unlock my account.


The tweet immediately went viral and among the thousands of replies and comments, the one from the Zuckerberg social network also arrived. Replying to her was Omid Farivar, a Facebook User Experience researcher, who apologized for the incident and promised her that her profile would be reactivated in an hour. And so it was. Farivar then confirmed that her account had been blocked.

Due to the tragic events in Paris (here is a moving letter from a widower to the terrorists), checks on the Net are also widespread.

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