It's time for a meal: the Satta breastfeeds Maddox Prince. Photo

It's time for a meal: the Satta breastfeeds Maddox Prince. Photo

Melissa Satta, woman, wife and mother

Moments of tenderness. Dad Boateng posts mom Melissa's photo while breastfeeding Maddox Prince. In the image you can see only the head with a lot of Baby Boateng hair while Satta kisses him gently.

Finally Melissa Satta has become a mother. And Kevin-Prince Boateng announces it via Twitter. The baby is a boy and the name has finally been revealed: it's called Maddox Prince. Needless to say, the parents are in seventh heaven. The ex tissue does not resist and a few hours after the birth she also posts the photo of baby Boateng: "My family". Rain of wishes from the fans.

And from friends: Simona Salvemini, Meli's best friend and alongside her even during these hours, posted the shot of the little boy in his arms.

Shortly before the birth, Satta had revealed her anxieties and a certain impatience. "I am about to explode!!!!".

The wait was shared by his partner, Kevin-Prince Boateng, who has the bedroom ready. The former Velina shared her belly growth with her followers, posting selfies daily on her Instagram page. Melissa was in great shape, but the fatigue finally made itself felt: "The last 7 days are a bit heavy … which is a struggle on the ninth month … …", he wrote.

La Satta gave birth in a German clinic: Melissa is in Dusseldorf together with her partner Kevin Boateng.

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