Iva Zanicchi in the hospital after the positivity at Covid: the video on Instagram

Iva Zanicchi in the hospital after the positivity at Covid: the video on Instagram

In a video posted on social media, Iva Zanicchi updates fans on her conditions: unfortunately, hospitalization was necessary for her

Iva Zanicchi found herself forced to hospitalize, a few days after announcing to fans that she had contracted the Coronavirus. The artist, in a video on Instagram, revealed that she had developed bilateral pneumonia and that, for this reason, it was necessary for her to be transported to the clinic, where she was adequately followed.

Despite the situation, Ligonchio's Eagle has not lost his smile: in recent days, when she explained – again via social media – that she tested positive for the tampon, she showed her usual bubbling verve, despite having a bit of concern for his loved ones. On that occasion, Zanicchi had in fact revealed that she had infected her sister and was on alert for her partner Fausto Pinna, who during the first wave of the epidemic fought against a tumor and is therefore more exposed to the dangers of this. virus.

With a second, more recent video, Iva Zanicchi had returned to update fans on her health conditions. Unfortunately, the symptoms manifested themselves: "A truck towed over me, it's monstrous" – said the artist, explaining that he had breathlessness and respiratory problems. Apparently, the situation has worsened to the point of requiring hospitalization. In the last few hours, Zanicchi has released another video right from the bed of the Vimercate clinic, where she is being followed for bilateral pneumonia.

“I'm in the hospital, I'll show you my guardian angels. Today is a beautiful day out … You tell me that I'll make it, I know, but hearing it has a certain effect. Thanks everyone for your messages! I hug you tightly and a kiss ”- wrote Iva in the caption of the video. In the images we see her a bit worn out by the recent vicissitudes, but her smile is still there, splendid as usual.

Despite the difficult time she is experiencing, Iva Zanicchi has found the strength to joke with her “guardian angels” – that's what she calls them. Fully harnessed, they are taking care of the artist, remembering with her the good television moments she gave us. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of comments of support for Zanicchi, from her fans and from many famous people who have always admired her.

Unfortunately, his name extends the list of VIPs who have tested positive at Covid. Only a few hours ago Aurora Ramazzotti also revealed that she had swab due to a strong cough, and thus discovered that she had contracted the disease. While there is still concern for Carlo Conti, who had to give up running the latest episode of Tale and Which Show precisely because he too was hospitalized.

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