Iva Zanicchi positive for Coronavirus: "But I haven't lost my happiness"

Iva Zanicchi positiva al Coronavirus: “Ma non ho perso l’allegria”

With a video on Instagram, Iva Zanicchi revealed that she was positive for the tampon

Iva Zanicchi tested positive for Coronavirus: Ligonchio's Eagle also contracted the disease, and announced it on social media with a short video, thus revealing to her fans that she was well and that she had taken all necessary precautions.

"There's nothing wrong with saying it, I'm positive. I have the Coronavirus, I caught it ”- explained Zanicchi on her Instagram profile, sharing a video in which we see her wearing gloves and a mask. Protections that, as she herself confessed, she also adopts at home to avoid spreading the infection. The artist decided to talk about it because a few hours earlier, trying to send a video to his partner, he made a small mistake and posted it on Facebook: "I received a lot of phone calls, so I might as well say it."

Iva revealed that she is asymptomatic and that she feels good: "I've been home for three days, I haven't even lost my happiness". And he took the opportunity to remember what is best to do in cases like this: "The important thing is to be careful and not go out. I don't leave the house, and neither do my family. Unfortunately, I also attached it to my sister. Instead Pippi [the partner], who is making me this video, says he feels good ”.

There is certainly great concern for Fausto Pinna, who in recent months has fought against a bad disease. Zanicchi, a guest in Verissimo's sitting room, recounted her tragedy: in the spring, right in the midst of the health emergency, her partner was diagnosed with cancer. Together they fought hard, until they reached a positive result: "Now the tumor markers are cleared" – he revealed to Silvia Toffanin's microphones.

Iva Zanicchi is now facing a new challenge, but she has not lost the smile and strength that have always distinguished her. The artist is just the latest in a long list of celebrities who, in recent weeks, have tested positive for Coronavirus. A few days ago the news came that Alessandro Cattelan was infected, so much so that he had to give up on X Factor. While Carlo Conti, initially asymptomatic, has recently started to show the obvious signs of the disease and has left the management of Tale and Which Show.

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