Ivano Fossati, songwriter: biography and curiosity

Ivano Fossati is one of the best known and beloved songwriters present within the varied and vast Italian music scene. We know his career better

Ivano Fossati is a famous singer-songwriter of Genoese origins born during the night of September 21, 1951. In the Ligurian capital he continues to stay for about thirty years, until he makes the decision to start traveling around the world discovering new continents such as Europe and the United States. The love for music is evident at an early age, in fact at only seven years old Ivano Fossati takes piano lessons. The musical instrument will play a central role in his career. Despite this, however, the artist loves to practice also with other instruments and, for this reason, he also learns to play guitar and transverse flute. He could therefore define himself a true multifaceted artist, as few now find themselves in circulation. An all-round artist, capable of attracting the spotlight of the major stages of Italy already at the beginning of his career. Ivano Fossati's career is rather intricate and complex, being dotted with a myriad of roads that the singer-songwriter can decide to take. During his early days, the artist began by playing as a musician within a couple of bands from the rock genre.

During the course of 1971, at the age of only twenty years, the singer released his first album entitled Dolce acqua. The album is destined to be a huge success. Ivano Fossati has a decisive and particularly restless character, he loves to change and always experiment with new things. Just this side of his personality led him, within a few years, to try his hand in other sectors and musical genres totally different from those with which he had started. Thus begins his profession as a soloist that will lead him to stage and give life to spectacular duets, born from cooperations with other big names in Italian and non-Italian music. In memory of this, just browse through the great eighteen albums that Ivano wrote in just six years. During the late 60's he collaborated with numerous theaters and, still today, he staged numerous musicals which, thanks to his commitment, can use spectacular stage music.

His collaborations, however, certainly do not stop at the theater, the Genoese singer-songwriter in fact also puts himself at the service of cinema during the late 90s. Such a multifaceted character could not fail to include, within his varied career, even the Jazz music. During many of his concerts, in fact, fans from all over the world had the exclusive opportunity to hear Ivano Fossati singing alongside important musicians on the Italian jazz scene. Many and varied are the VIPs who have been able to enjoy the musical contribution offered by this reserved and taciturn songwriter. Indeed, it could be said with absolute certainty that most of the protagonists of our local song have had one or more pieces written by the skilled and wise hand of Ivano Fossati as a gift. During the early 2000s, his albums landed in Paris and throughout the French continent, thanks to the valuable contribution offered by Columbia Tristar.

Also during those years, in the midst of one of his many tours, Ivano paid homage to the Italian committee with six of his concerts, which for years now has been taking care, with commitment and patience, to combat the environmental degradation typical of our cities. industrialized. Ivano Fossati then presents himself as an exceptional guest at the Sanremo Festival during which he performs and obtains an unimaginable success: well over ten million Italians that evening were able to hear and appreciate 'My brother who looks at the world', his latest success of the time. Fifteen years ago Ivano gave life, completely unexpectedly and leaving many of his fans open-mouthed, a totally unpublished record in which all the tracks were exclusively instrumental. A couple of years later, around the two thousand and three, the famous album 'Traveling Lightning' was released, which managed to earn the singer a reputation, if possible, even greater than he already had. During the two thousand and eight, thanks to the song entitled 'The transparent love present' that serves as the soundtrack to the film 'Calm calm', Ivano Fossati is rewarded with a precious David di Donatello, an honor that was still missing in his starry career of a thousand and a thousand successes.

In 2011 during the TV show "Che tempo che fa" conducted by his friend Fabio Fazio, he presented his new album "Decadancing" and took the opportunity to communicate his decision to bid farewell to the scenes.

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