J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program

J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program

To eliminate toxins from your body, Shiseido offers a 5-point detox program, to face the spring with a fresh and radiant skin

J-Beauty, Shiseido's spring detox

Spring is the perfect time to start a detox program and cleanse your skin of toxins accumulated over the winter. Start from eating habits, reducing the consumption of alcohol and fats, sugars, caffeine, dairy products, white flours and yeasts in favor of soups, fruits and vegetables. Take inspiration from traditional Japanese cuisine to have fun choosing seasonal ingredients and to combine the different nutritional properties of the food you bring to the table with each color. For top results, the ideal is to accompany the purifying diet with Shiseido's 5-day detox program that with its suggestions will help to welcome the warm season with a luminous, fresh and elastic skin.

J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program: Facial cleansing

To start the skin detox program, there is nothing better than a deep cleansing. Rely on an expert for facial cleansing that combines a gentle peeling with the treatment of pores and blackheads. At the end of the session you will have the sensation of a reborn and purified skin and, in the mirror, you will surely notice it brighter. In addition, lymphatic drainage will help your skin to gradually eliminate toxins from the body. Once you have cleaned your face, give yourself a moment of relaxation at Shiseido Spa Milan for the Spa Treatment: Pure Beauty Boost. This express cuddle of just 30 minutes dulls and purifies your face thanks to the application of a special mask.

J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program: Exfoliation

Once or twice a week give yourself a warm bath enriched with salts that, dissolved in water, help to trigger a process of perspiration and detoxification. Accompany this moment of relaxation with an exfoliating massage performed using Shiseido Waso Soft + Cushy Polisher which eliminates dead cells and stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin.

J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program: Cleansing

After exfoliation, clean your skin to give it a radiant and vital appearance. For top results, rely on the Shiseido combination: Waso Quick gentle Cleanser and Cleansing massage brush. Apply a small amount of cleansing gel on dry skin and massage it onto the skin with the brush wetted in circular motions, until a soft foam is obtained. Finally rinse with fresh water to further stimulate microcirculation.

J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program: Adapt your beauty routine to the season

Changing the beauty routine according to the season is essential: in the spring you have to focus on lighter products on the skin and not weigh it down. The first step is to choose a serum that strengthens the skin's defenses to eliminate toxins without absorbing new ones, such as Shiseido Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate. Also, leave aside the heavy winter cream that has faithfully protected you throughout the winter in favor of a lighter version, which allows your skin to breathe but at the same time, hydrate your skin in depth.

During the detox period it is advisable to avoid foundation: you can opt for a colored protective cream with UV filter and anti-pollution like Shiseido Waso Color-smart Day Moisturizer Oil-free SPF 30 for a fresh and homogeneous base, perfect for your make up spring.
As a last tip, give your skin a break, two nights a week, from the night cream. A skin that works well is a rested skin.

J-Beauty, the 5-point detox program: A Japanese-style diet

If you are looking for a fun way to adopt a healthy and light diet, washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine, is for you. In short, it is based on the use of seasonal ingredients, on selecting vegetables based on their color to be able to take different nutrients and on using cooking methods that preserve vitamins and minerals.
Waso is the Shiseido line inspired by this process. Thanks to a particular enzymatic process, the plant cells are separated so as to maintain the ingredients of which they are composed. This means that when you go to apply the product, it releases the ingredients in the same proportions established in nature, allowing the skin to get the most out of the treatment.

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