Jacqueline Luna: declaration of love to Ultimo


Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, second child of Heather Parisi, on Instagram declares all her love to Ultimo: "I love you more than pistachio"

Heather Parisi, daughter Jacqueline is splendid: the resemblance is striking

Among the most cute and tender new couples of the showbiz there is undoubtedly the one formed by the singer Ultimo, born Niccolò Moriconi, born in Rome in 1996 and Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, born in 2000, second child of Heather Parisi and daughter of the Roman orthopedist Giovanni Di Giacomo.

The two, who came out on social media in March 2021, are spending a tender holiday in Mexico. And the twenty-year-old peperina published a photo of them, writing a real declaration of love to the boy:

I love you more than the p… .. more than the pist ………. I said more than PISTACHIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A real confession that must have cost a lot of effort to Jacqueline, usually very reluctant to talk about her feelings and affections. So much so that the beloved older sister Rebecca, daughter of Heather Giorgio Manenti's first husband and very close to Jacqueline, commented: "I have never heard you say something so romantic 💚💚💚".

Recently the same Ultimo had posted a photo of them hugging each other and the caption: “So you can't go away”, a quote from his latest single “Buongiorno vita”.

If this is not true love …

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