Jane Fonda, 83 years old, reveals her biggest regret

Jane Fonda, 83 years old, reveals her biggest regret

Jane Fonda, iconic Hollywood star, confesses talking about loves and regrets: she finds comfort by taking refuge in her fantasies.

Jane Fonda, 83, with an immense career behind her, between activism and feminism, tells about herself and gets naked at Harper's Bazaar, telling about her loves, fantasies and above all her regrets, which still come back to her mind today, leaving them a sense of "dissatisfaction", despite the successes achieved.

La Fonda received two Oscars for Best Actress during her film career, in 1972 and 1979. Her love life, on the other hand, went on between ups and downs: among the most famous relationships, that with actor James Franciscus.

At her age, Jane feels "thankful that I never have to undress in front of anyone again, not even by candlelight." And when he talks about regrets, he mentions his lack of intimacy: "I imagine I meet someone like a professor or a researcher, someone who is truly capable of loving."

Love has been so much a part of Fonda's life, also thanks to the two children Vanessa Vadim and Troy Garity. Three marriages behind her, with Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner, the last engagement – with Richard Perry – canceled in 2017, today Jane finds refuge in her intimate fantasies and does not mind talking about it openly.

He regrets the lack of intimacy, the search for love, having a partner at his side with whom to fulfill his fantasies. "In my thoughts I always imagine meeting someone who is truly capable of loving a woman." La Fonda also admits seeing himself alongside younger men.

A choice that, however, she would never make in real life: “I'm too vain, with a younger man I could never show myself. I was raised thinking I had to look a certain way. " Her life, spent between film sets and above all environmentalist and feminist demonstrations, however, is not a regret for her.

Hers is a strong voice of Hollywood: a woman of great courage, who has been through a lot, but who has also always known how to face life with a pinch of serenity and determination. Yes, he regrets not having someone by his side to fulfill his fantasies with. But she also knows she is an icon and a huge reference point for the female gender.

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